Kamasutra positions promise to spice up your sex life - these are the 7 best

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Want to mix things up in the bedroom and keen to try a few Kamasutra positions? Fun fact for you: there are loads to choose from.

Here at Marie Claire UK, we're passionate about sexual wellness. Whether you want to invest in one of the best sex toys, read up on bondage for beginners, or learn all about tantric sex, trust us - we've got the expert for you.

First things first: a bit of background about the Kamasutra for you. In short, it's an age-old Indian Sanskrit text which teaches you tools on everything from sexual confidence to emotional fulfilment. 

Despite being written thousands of years ago, Kamasutra positions are still popular today as they not only encourage you to explore your own sexual well-being, but promote an enhanced level of spirituality and sensuality, too. 

Keep scrolling for your complete guide to what Kamasutra actually is, how the practice works, plus why the below moves work so well for women, according to sex expert and author Girl On The Net. Plus, MC resident sex experts Ness Cooper and Cecile Gasnault share their favourite sex toys to go with each position.

Whether you’re in a committed relationship or looking for the best sex apps for no-strings sex, these promise to bring you to the brink of a truly super orgasm. You'll definitely thank us later..

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7 Kamasutra positions to try for ultimate pleasure (with diagrams)

What is the Kamasutra?

In short, the world’s oldest and most famous sex manual.

It's thought that the Kamasutra may have been written in India around 400BC and it literally translates to "a treatise on pleasure". A bit like tantric sex, it focuses on sex as a spiritual practice and encourages you to think outside the box when it comes to sexual wellness.

1. The Plough Kamasutra sex position

How do you do The Plough position?

Essentially an easier and more enjoyable version of the wheelbarrow, you lie tummy down on the bed with your top half rested on the bed and legs off the bed and straight out behind you. He is between your legs, supporting your lower half by your thighs. While our expert shares that it takes practice, she reassures that it's worth every minute.

What's the best toy for The Plough Kamasutra position?

"Nipple clamps or suckers are a win for The Plough sex position in particular, as the position allows you to tug and pull on them when they’re attached to your partner," shares Cooper. "These underrated devices add a lot to sex and foreplay and also help the production of feel-good hormones that can make sex feel better and more connected."

What's good about The Plough position?

Of all the Kamasutra positions, the wheelbarrow is arguably the most exhausting - but this alternative offers all the fun without the pain. Plus, when you’re tensing your leg muscles (which this active position requires), it tightens your vagina, giving the sensation of squeezing him tight from within. When you orgasm in this position, your muscles contract even tighter, resulting in an even more intense sensation.

Kamasutra positions: The Plough

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2. The Rider Kamasutra sex position

How do you do The Rider position?

This is basically the classic woman on top, but the key to its success is its flexibility. You have the option of switching between sitting upright so he gets more of a view or lying down flat chest to chest with him for increased intimacy. Add a vibrating ring for him if you want something different.

What's the best toy for The Rider position?

"In this sex position, some of the best couples' sex toys to try include the We-Vibe or Satisfyer Pro 4," shares Cooper. Why? Well, as she explains, as on top riding positions help keep these sex toys in place. "This type of couple’s sex toy offers internal vaginal, external clitoral, and penis stimulation during penetration. Plus, the rhythmic movement of the hips also adds to the excitement and makes it more pleasurable for both involved particularly when pressure changes on the various sweet spots during passionate moments during sex."

What's good about The Rider position?

The Rider is great because you are ultimately in control, shares our pro, meaning you can angle yourself exactly as you want it. Not all of us have our clitoris in the same place, but this is one you can angle for spectacular personal pleasure. Not to mention, it's great if you like performing, as you can sit up and indulge your inner sex goddess. Have larger boobs that can hurt when they move up and down too much? Try lying flat on your partner’s chest for a bit of relief but equal amounts of pleasure.

Kamasutra positions: The Plough

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3. The Amazon Kamasutra Position

How do you do The Amazon position?

Lying on his back and pulling his knees up to his chest so he’s curled up in a ball, get your partner to push his penis back between his legs so it’s underneath them. Then, squat over him and rock backward and forwards.

What's the best toy for The Amazon position?

Keen to take things up a notch? Our pros share that butt plugs can be a great way to get experimental in the bedroom for either party. This four inch option from Lovehoney is beginner friendly.

What's good about The Amazon position?

This is a position that sounds bizarre but has to be tried to be believed. Our expert shares that she'd always dismissed it in sex guides till she tried it out for herself. Of all the Kamasutra positions, this one makes you feel incredibly powerful and is the closest you’ll ever get to feeling like a guy during sex without a strap-on.

Kamasutra positions: The Amazon

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4. The Frog Kamasutra Position

How do you do The Frog position?

The Frog kamasutra position is very simple (it's almost doggy style), but instead of being on your hands and knees, your arms lie flat, enabling you to rest the whole front part of your body on the bed with your bum in the air.

What's the best toy for The Frog position? 

FYI, in this position, it can be hard to reach the clitoris or perineum, shares Cooper. "Introducing a cock ring may just add that much-desired stimulation to the sex positions mix," she explains. "Lovehoney's cock rings are great. If you want to focus on clitoral stimulation, make sure the vibrating part is over the top of the vulva. For perineum stimulation, swing it around so it faces behind the penis."

What's good about The Frog position?

You have your hands free so you can use them to stimulate yourself, plus his hands are also free for extra stimulation. Because you’re not balancing your weight on your hands, you have more energy to stay in the position for longer and your hands are free to play with him and yourself throughout.

Kamasutra positions: The Frog

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5. The Hero Kamasutra Position

How do you do The Hero position?

Lying on your back in the backwards roll position, your ankles are by your ears while he and penetrates you. Not sure you'll get your legs up there? He can help by holding your legs back.

What's the best toy for The Hero position? 

The Hero is one of the most popular sex positions for G-spot stimulation, shares Cooper. "The way the body is positioned during this sex position means that if you introduce a vibrator, you may enjoy some pleasurable results."

How so? Well, the way this position allows penetrations means you’re already likely to experience deep G-spot stimulation so when the strong vibrations are added to the mix female it can lead to female ejaculation and squirting, the sex expert explains. "A magic wand (read my Lovehoney Magic Wand review, here) is great for this sex position and the vibrations are strong enough to be felt by both enjoying The Hero Position."

What's good about The Hero position?

In terms of angle, this is perfect for G Spot stimulation, as his penis will rub directly against your G spot, shares our expert. This is also ideal for light BDSM fans because your ankles can be tied together to the bedpost or held in place by him, which avoids you from getting cramp. (Read our guide to bondage for beginners, here).

Kamasutra positions: The Hero

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6. The Curled Angel Kamasutra Position

How do you do The Curled Angel position?

This is one you probably already do, otherwise known as spooning (or sometimes, hangover sex). Done right, it can top the lot. A bit like pegging...

What's the best toy for The Curled Angel position? 

Not a toy, but a sex essential that'll make The Curled Angel even more pleasurable. "This lubricant makes all positions fluid and easy," shares Gasnault.

What's good about The Curled Angel position?

Having come across a great many Kamasutra positions in her time, Girl On The Net shares that this is still one of her favourites. Why? Because quite simply, if done right, it offers total sexual equality. In missionary or doggy, a man always tends to assume a bit more control. With this, you work together taking it in turns to lead, plus his hands are free so encourage him to play with you while you’re doing it so your orgasm comes more easily.

Kamasutra positions: The Curled Angel

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7. The Star Kamasutra Position

How do you do The Star position?

Lying on your back - think missionary position - keep one leg bent while your other leg is outstretched on the bed. He kneels between your legs, with one leg bent and the other lying flat on the bed. Then, sitting so that his one leg is beneath the bent leg of you and the other leg bending around your flat outstretched leg, you make a star shape.

What's the best toy for The Star position? 

Sex pillows will help when any sex positions seem impossible or uncomfortable, shares Cooper. "I’d recommend a half-moon meditation cushion for the vulva owner," shares Gasnault.

What's good about The Star position?

This is great for deep G Spot penetration. He can also touch your clitoris for extra stimulation. You can even touch your own clitoris while he’s free to play with your breasts. So you have all your erotic zones covered.

Kamasutra positions: The Star

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So, there you have it. Kamasutra positions never looked so simple...

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