Pessimists more likely to lose weight

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  • Your personality state influences weight loss

    A healthy diet of pessimism helps people lose weight, claim scientists who found that your personality state influences weight loss.
    Researchers found that being too optimistic actually harmed your ability to stick to a diet and that negative emotions could have a positive effect on changing your behaviour.

    The scientists followed obese patients undergoing a weight loss programme clinic and tested them to see what kind of personality they had. They discovered that all of the volunteers became more optimistic as the weight dropped off which helped motivate them to stick to their new healthy regime. But those who started out with too much struggled to lose weight initially.

    ‘This result supports previous findings that some negative emotion has a positive effect on behaviour modification because patients care more about their disease,’ said the researchers.

    However, the overall improvement in optimistic ego state is not necessarily detrimental, as this increased optimism should result in patients maintaining the healthy lifestyle achieved at the clinic.

    ‘It is important to enhance patients’ self-effectiveness and self-control in order to reduce psychological stress and to maintain the weight loss‘, said the authors.

    Previous studies have shown that being unhappy can actually increase your results at university and increase your motivation. However an American study last month showed that optimism increased life expectancy and lowered risk of heart disease.


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