New breast enlargement operation uses excess fat

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  • You can now get a ‘two for one’ cosmetic treatment

    A new breast enhancement operation that gives women a double boost by using excess fat from their waist could be on offer in Britain within months.

    The £8,000 procedure, to be discussed at a conference of cosmetic surgeons this week, sees fat extracted from where it is not wanted and injected into the skin of the breasts.

    As well as providing a ‘two for one’ benefit over existing separate operations, it could provide a more natural shape to augmented breasts and removes the need for synthetic implants, which have to be replaced after 10-15 years.
    Nigel Mercer, president of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) said: ‘There is a great deal of excitement about this, but we need to understand the science of it and the risks and benefits before we can present it as something that will be of enormous benefit to the general public.’

    Among concerns about the process is the risk that fat could calcify and be mistaken for tumour during a breast scan.

    Mel Braham, chairman of the Harley Medical Group, a large chain of cosmetic surgery clinics that will offer the technique, said trials were ‘astonishingly successful’ and had addressed concerns about the ‘two for one’ procedure.

    He said: ‘Proper use of scans means there is little chance fat could be wrongly identified. This is the most exciting breakthrough in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery that I have seen over the last two decades.’

    Mr Braham said he expected new natural breast augmentations to become more popular than implants over the next decade.


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