Lying down boosts IVF success by 50%

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  • Women told to relax and put their feet up

    Women who lie on their backs for 15 minutes after fertility treatment are 50 per cent more likely to get pregnant, according to a study.

    Researchers suspect moving around after being artificially inseminated may prevent conception. They are now calling for all would-be mothers undergoing the procedure to be offered a quarter of an hour of rest.

    Lead author, Dr Inge Custers said: ‘We show that women suffering from subfertility have a 50 per cent higher chance to conceive after remaining in supine position after intrauterine insemination (IUI).’

    In the study half the women were asked to lie down for 15 minutes following the procedure and the others were allowed to move around immediately afterwards. The mechanism of the effect of immobilisation after insemination is unclear but in intrauterine insemination, the most common fertility treatment in the world, sperm are inserted in a small volume of fluid directly into the womb.

    In IVF, sperm and eggs are combined outside the body and fertilised embryos re-implanted. Success rates after insemination vary from five per cent to 70 per cent depending on factors such as age, methods and drugs used, and individual fertility problems.


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