Home workouts no equipment: these are the 25 best kit-free sweat sessions

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  • Aka, workouts you can do in between Zoom calls, no equipment needed

    You probably won’t be surprised to learn that search for the term ‘home workouts no equipment’ is at breakout on Google right now. That means a whole load of you are keen for no-kit workouts you can do from your living room (or in between Zoom calls).

    We don’t blame you. What with lockdown 3.0 in full swing and home gym equipment beginning to sell out again, finding simple yet effective sweat sessions that don’t require a dumbbell, kettlebell, or resistance band of some form can feel seriously hard.

    Enter stage right, our handy guide to the best home workouts out there that really don’t need any snazzy (or expensive) kit. We thought now as good a time as ever to compile a list for you. Scroll for sweat sessions from trusted trainers and studios that use no equipment whatsoever and still promise to boost your fitness and endorphin levels.

    So, what makes a home workout ‘good’?

    Wondering whether you can get a good enough sweat session in without scheduling a trip to the gym or throwing some weights around? Short answer: yes, according to personal trainer and head coach at PASSA training Lillie Bleasdale. She reckons you can do some seriously spicy home workouts that push you on all the right levels – remember, your best tool is your own body, and it’s all about working out what works for you.

    The key to a great home workout, according to Lillie, is making sure it’s right for you and your current fitness level. “Any activity is better than none. The key is to raise your heart rate or challenge your muscular endurance while also having fun,” she shares.

    So, if you’re short on kit remember this: any sweat session that helps you release some endorphins, take time for you and get a sweat on is a win, kit or no kit.

    Lillie’s top tips for ensuring a good workout?

    Make some space

    Make sure you have enough space to work out – there’s nothing worse than knocking over a vase mid squat jump.

    Choose some good tunes

    Grab some headphones or blast some tunes out loud to get you going.

    Stay hydrated

    Simple, but essential – drink plenty of water, especially if you’re doing a HIIT workout or another cardio session that’ll make you sweat.

    Ready? Set? Sports bras at the ready.

    25 home workouts where no equipment is necessary 

    No equipment Pilates and barre home workouts

    A fan of Pilates and missing your reformer classes, or always wanted to try barre but never got round to booking? Now’s your chance to give it a go from home. Aaaand: squeeze.

    HIIT home workouts

    Joe Wicks YouTube workouts are the ultimate go-to for sweaty high-intensity interval sessions, but PT’s Adrienne, Carly and Gabby know how to put you through your paces, too.

    Core workouts at home

    Got ten minutes in between meetings and looking for some simple bodyweight moves to help you build a stronger core? You’re in the right place, with easy-to-follow routines and explanations from Alice Liveing, Adrienne, Blogilates, Emily Ricketts, and Steph Elswood.

    Butt workouts at home

    Keen to grow your glutes? That you can do – by training consistently and doing workouts that include moves targeting your muscles there. Krissy’s are loved for a reason, but Kayla is a home workout queen, too.

    10 minutes or less at-home workouts

    So, you’ve only got 10 minutes? No sweat – or, should we say, lots of sweat when this lot are done with you. Remember: short but sweet can still be effective and enjoyable.

    Cardio home workouts 

    You all know cardio is good for your heart and general fitness, and these sweaty-as-anything workouts from Kayla Itsines, Heather Robertson, and Davina McCall will get your blood pumping and your heart racing.

    Home workouts for yogis

    After a more gentle workout that’ll still get your muscles moving? Yoga could be for you. There are a whole range of types and styles, but these total body flows are guaranteed to help boost those happy feel-good endorphins. Enjoy.



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