Best Home Gym Equipment 2020: 8 Must Buy Bits of Kit

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    Home, for many, now means the office and the gym, with the commute taking a grand total of 8 seconds (living room to lounge). That’s because during the UK’s first lockdown at the beginning of 2020, most of the gyms, studios and workout spaces across the UK were closed for business, despite interesting research from the University of Oslo tentatively finding that going to the gym does not increase your risk of catching coronavirus.

    Gyms and studios have now reopened, but most are working at around half their normal capacity to ensure attendees are social distancing. You’re also likely to need a temperature check on arrival and, as per new UK law, to wear a mask for the majority of your time inside until you’re actually working out.

    All sound a bit much or got re-entry anxiety about returning to the gym? It may be time to invest in some home workout equipment. You needn’t spend loads—as with everything, less really is more here, and you kit yourself out for very little.

    Keep reading for Marie Claire’s pick of the best home workout equipment for 2020. Load a Joe Wicks workout (or any of your favourite home workouts), grab your towel, aaaaand—squat.

    Best home workout equipment 2020: 8 must-buys

    1. Kettleboobs

    You’ve likely heard of kettlebells, a basic cast iron weight used to take your weighted squats, deadlifts and lunges up a notch. But have you heard of a Kettleboob? They’re custom-designed inspirational kettlebells designed to celebrate the differences between women of all shapes and sizes. Hear, hear. Be warned, though: they do sell out fast.

    Best Home Exercise Equipment: Kettleboob

    Buy now: KettleBoobs from £20,

    2. METIS Kettlebell

    Alternatively, Kettlebells are a great full body piece of kit, great for building muscle, strengthening and toning. These Metis ones come in a range of weights for any fitness ability, from 4kg to 20kg. Plus, fun fact: a study in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning concluded that kettlebell workouts can build a healthier lower back, thanks to the loading and movement patterns you use when working out with one. Neat.

    Best Home Workout Eqipment

    Buy now: METIS Neoprene Kettlebells – 4kg to 20kg  from £21.99,

    3. Xn8 Neoprene Dumbbells

    Similarly to kettlebells, dumbbells are a great bit of a home workout kit if you want to add a bit of weight to your sessions. These Xn8 ones range from 1kg all the way up to 10kg each hand, so there’s something for every strength level. Never weight trained before? Dumbbells are normally used for moves like biceps curls, rows or shoulder raises.

    Best Home Workout Equipment

    Buy now: Xn8 Neoprene Dumbbells from £10.99,

    4. SHREDDY resistance bands

    Weights not your thing? There are plenty of other ways you can work your muscles, including resistance bands, a far cheaper (and easier to store) alternative. This particular brand of bands are Grace Beverley’s, TALA founder. Choose from short or long bands, light, medium or heavy resistance, and you’re set. Short bands, generally speaking, are used around your thighs for moves like squats, glute bridges and banded walks, and long bands are used for moves like rows, shoulder raises and assisted pull-ups.

    Home Workout Equipment

    Buy now: Shreddy Resistance Bands, £14,

    5. TRX Move Suspension Trainer

    Again, it’s not just weights that are worth investing in when it comes to fit kit. The TRX is great if you want to challenge yourself with your own bodyweight and try your hand at suspension training. It does what it says on the tin, making you embrace your core while holding the handles and working through moves like mountain climbers, rows and more. Whether you’re an experienced TRX user or at the beginning of your fitness journey, it’s an ideal bit of kit for helping you build muscle, develop a strong core and increase mobility.

    Best Home Workout Equipment: TRX

    Buy now: TRX Move Suspension Trainer, £79.95,

    6. Reebok skipping rope

    Taking it old school. Before you laugh, when you’re limited on space (or budget), the humble skipping rope is actually one of the best take-to-anywhere cardio workouts you can do, improving your balance, bones and all your major muscles, while you’re at it. This one has weighted, rubber-coated grip, as well as being sturdy and adjustable, *Adds to basket*

    Best Home Workout Equipment

    Buy now: Reebok Premium Speed Rope £20,00,

    7. Lululemon reversible workout mat

    The perfect mat for your home workouts: this design from Lululemon has a polyurethane top layer to absorb moisture and help you get a grip during sweaty practices, plus provides a solid layer of cushioning between you and the ground. Decking out your flat with the best home workout equipment never looked so easy.

    Best Home Workout Equipment

    Buy now: Lululemon reversible workout mat, £48.00,

    8. MyProtein Foam Roller

    When you’re working out hard, you need to recover hard, too. Invest in a foam roller and you’ll do just that. This self-massage tool from MyProtein is designed to help you release muscle tension and promote injury prevention and rehabilitation. Painful, but oh-so-worth it. Keen to shop a cheaper make? They’ve got bargains from £8.99 at Decathlon—shop now.

    Best Home Workout Equipment

    Buy now: MyProtein Foam Roller, £25.99,

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