Best home gym equipment 2022: 11 must-buy bits of kit to add to basket from just £9.99

You can get just as good a workout in from home - scroll our health ed's edit of the best kit to make sure you do, now.

best home gym equipment

You can get just as good a workout in from home - scroll our health ed's edit of the best kit to make sure you do, now.

Sure, studios and gyms have now reopened in the UK, but the multiple lockdowns and new variants of Coronavirus have changed the future of fitness and the way the world sweats, too. The lockdown offered many precious time to workout exactly what workout works for you - be that a physical workout, like running or weight training (read our guides to the best running trainers and best gym leggings, here), or mental training, like meditation.

If your new go-to set up is in your lounge and you're skipping in-person gym classes altogether, good for you. You can get just as much of a sweat on at home, FYI - it's just a case of making sure you're got the right equipment to do so. You needn't spend loads—as with everything, less really is more here, and you can kit yourself out for very little. No need for a fancy home gym either, just find an area with enough space for you to move around and you are good to go.

Don't miss our expert-led guides to workout mistakes, exercise motivation and whether you should exercise after Covid, while you're here. And without further ado, read Marie Claire's pick of the best home gym equipment for 2022. We've included everything from yoga mats, dumbbells, skipping ropes and resistance bands. If you're looking for a more high tech piece of kit, we've got you covered too. Did you know that you can now get an interactive fitness mirror to have personalised training sessions from the comfort of your own home? Pretty cool.

Check out our guide and load a Joe Wicks workout, one of these raved about celebrity workouts, or any of your favourite home workouts, grab your towel and your best sports bra, aaaaand—squat.

Best home gym equipment 2022: 11 to shop now

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