On the hunt for the best glute focused workout? This is the most effective session you can do

According to PT Krissy Cela.

Glute focused workout: On a yoga mat, a woman does a bridge abduction training. Bridge pulses are used in a fitness studio to tone glute muscles.
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According to PT Krissy Cela.

Finding the best glute focused workout can sometimes feel like hunting for a needle in a haystack. Sure, there are only so many glute-focused moves you can do, but with 11,700,000 Google results, thousands of trainers to choose from, and hundreds of move combinations, it's hard to know where to start.

Weight training is great for a whole range of reasons - from boosting your metabolism, bone strength, and joint function, to reducing your risk of injury and increasing your muscle mass, it really is a jack of all trades. Weight training your glutes is particularly key for your overall health as your glutes support your body more than most other muscles. Not only do they aid you when walking and running and prevent injury, but they support your back, knees, and hips, too.

Basically, your glutes are an all-rounder. 

Not to mention the fact that, over the past ten years, the notion of the "ideal" body type has totally changed. Thanks to celebrities like Beyonce and Rihanna, strong is now beautiful, as are big glutes. Body positivity - and even neutrality - has paved the way for body types of all shapes and sizes to now be celebrated and accepted, and serves as a constant reminder that there is no "one body fits all" when it comes to health.

Keen to read a little more about which workout will futureproof said all-important glutes and build you a bigger bum, in the meantime? Keep scrolling - we've enlisted renowned PT and author of Happy, Healthy, Strong, Krissy Cela, to share her go-to glute workout with you. Don't miss our pick of the best yoga classes, gym classes, and home workouts, guides to meditation, mindful movement and self-care ideas, and a rundown of running tips for beginners, while you're here.

This is the best glute focused workout you can do, according to Krissy Cela

So, you're keen to strengthen - or grow - your glutes. "Building a bigger booty has definitely become a trend in recent years," shares the personal trainer. "But, aside from the aesthetic motivations, your glute muscles play a fundamental role in how well your body operates as a whole, so it's really important to keep them activated and strong."

Sadly, with extended periods of office work and WFH setups, often comes inactivity and what some PTs like to call "lazy glutes". As Cela explains, when we sit for extended periods of time, our glute muscles don’t have anything to do, so they become weak from inactivity. "This then has a knock-on effect as it pushes other muscles out of balance and can knock your pelvis out of alignment," she explains.

Not ideal, but easy to fix with some glute-focused workouts. "Whether you’re a person who sits a lot or who wants to build a stronger booty, I've developed the best glute focused workout for you," shares the PT.

Ready? Set? Sweat. Not so keen on a glute-focused workout? Try our health ed's go-to full body workout, bodyweight workout, lower body workout, or abs workout for women, instead.

The Glutes on Fire Challenge

Ever heard of Cela's Glutes on Fire Challenge? "It's a great go-to workout to ensure you target and strengthen your glutes, while you enhance your performance and grow your confidence," she explains.

The workout contains a mixture of what the PT thinks are the most effective glute exercises combined with a rep range to ensure you hit that growth and make gains, too. "Carefully created with every ability in mind, I’ve developed this workout to ensure you target every angle of your booty so that you come away feeling strong, confident and the glowing goddess that you are," she goes on.

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Sets? 3 of each.

Exercise 1: Barbell Hip Thrust

Reps? 12

Exercise 2: Barbell B-Stance Hip Thrust

Reps? 12 each side

Exercise 3: Dumbbell Alternating Single Leg Bridges

Reps? 12 each side

Exercise 4: Goblet Squat

Reps? 20 each side

Exercise 5: Dumbbell Reverse Lunge

Reps: 12

Exercise 6: Frog Pump

Reps: 20

Prefer to workout alongside a trainer? Give this glute workout from Cela's YouTube channel a go, or try her IG workout above.

Your glute FAQ's, answered

How can I build my glutes fast?

Two words: consistency, and progression.

Make sure you're consistently training the muscle group, and similarly, make sure you're progressing said workouts. Not sure what the means? It simply means making sure you're improving - lifting a slightly heavier weight each week, upping the reps or sets, or increasing the length of your workout.

That way, your body isn't just doing the same thing day in, day out; rather, actually improving week-on-week. Sore legs post session? Our guides to workout recovery and delayed onset muscle soreness will help.

How long does it take to get a bigger butt?

You'll see results from the most consistent - and progressive! - workout routines in around ten to twelve weeks.

Can I work my glutes every day?

While you might think that more is always better, trust that when it comes to working out, getting the balance right is key. Your body needs to be worked out, sure, but it also needs to recover from said workouts, too.

Why? Simply, because working out too much will only fatigue your muscles and make your workouts generally less effective.

Naturally, working out too little will mean no progress. Aim for two to three workouts a week for best results.

How can I train my glutes at home?

Try Cela's workout above or the YouTube video for a seriously spicy session.

You don't need shedloads of home gym equipment, but strength training with weights will make for a slightly harder workout.

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