Free home workouts: as temperatures drop, 100+ of the best sweat sessions to maintain your fitness from home

Not too sold on leaving the house? Neither are we...

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On the hunt for free home workouts, as temperatures drop and the snow shows no sign of shifting? You're in the right place as we've rounded up our favourite free sweat sessions for you.

It's not just the cold that's stopping people from getting out - rising cost of living prices are causing cancelled gym memberships left, right and centre, with Google searches for how to exercise for free higher than ever. Know this, though - working out shouldn't have to cost anything, and there are plenty of effective workouts that you can do totally for free, from the comfort of your living room.

So, where to start? There are thousands online and it can feel like a bit of a minefield. From Joe Wicks YouTube workouts to the best fitness apps available for no cost, which sweat sessions will make you excited to jump out of bed in the morning?

We've trawled the web and rounded up all our favourite personal trainers, celebrities, and even gym classes currently streaming online, or uploading workout videos for you to follow along whenever you like. Want to try a celebrity workout instead? Scroll our round-up now - there are some good'uns.

For most, all you need to do is download an app, play the YouTube video, or live stream them on your phone or laptop. Don't miss our guide to how to workout at home, plus the all-important warm-up exercises and cool down exercises to do pre and post workout.

Our pick: 100+ best free home workouts to do right now

Best free home workout YouTube videos

1. Joe Wicks YouTube workouts

Fitness expert Joe Wicks got an MBE for getting the nation moving over lockdown and he's still going. He uploads workouts nearly weekly to his YouTube channel, and they're all free. Simply head to his YouTube account, The Body Coach TV, where you'll find hundreds of videos for all abilities.

Fun fact for you: on the first day he went live with PE with Joe back in March, 806,000 households tuned in. Not bad.

2. SWEAT from Kayla Itsines

She's one of the most famous personal trainers in the world, and while you'll have to purchase her SWEAT app to get access to a full workout plan, she does have a lot of easily accessible workouts on her IG and YouTube channels. Not too fussed about following a plan but keen to build your strength and get a sweat on? Check out Kayla's pages.

3. lululemon workouts

Your favourite athletic clothing brand has a whole host of free workouts on their YouTube. Just check Lululemon UK's channel for yoga, meditation, HIIT and strength workouts from a range of top personal trainers, plus a whole load of self-care tips to offer stress relief in these uncertain times.

4. adidas Women workouts

Similarly to lululemon, sportswear brand Adidas has reams of regular workouts going live on their YouTube channel from popular personal trainers like Adrienne LDN, Zanna van Dijk and more. We love this 17-minute box HIIT session - perfect for a quick lunch break endorphin boost. Finding free home workouts never looked so easy.

5. The Blogilates channel

Fancy short but sweet cardio workouts, trying your hand at barre for the first time or giving pilates a go? There's a reason Cassey Ho's channel has 5.5 million followers, and that's because the workouts are totally free and simple to follow.

Don't miss our guides to the benefits of pilates and different barre exercises, if you'd rather read up first.

6. Heather Robertson's full body HIIT sessions

Another PT famous in the YouTube sphere is Heather Robertson, with 1.8 million followers to her name. Again, she has a whole load of workouts uploaded to her channel, from HIIT challenges to core workouts, to area-specific sweat sessions, like leg and glute day. Happy sweating.

7. Lottie Murphy's pilates

If you're keen to get a regular sweat on but not a fan of the jumping jacks and burpees most HIIT classes make you endure, you'll likely love pilates. It's meant to be one of the best workouts for improving your core strength and uses small, subtle moves, such as butterfly kicks and leg raises, to do so. Lottie Murphy's flows are always simple to follow and just the right amount of hard. Free home workouts? Sorted.

8. The Fitness Marshall

Bear with us on this one... but dancing is actually a really good (and cost effective) way of releasing endorphins, so why not combine it with a workout to one of your favourite tunes? That's what the team at Fitness Marshall do - mixing a workout with dance moves and a banger of a playlist. They're brilliant, will make you smile, plus offer loads to choose from. And... dance.

9. Yoga with Adriene

For soothing starts to the morning or winding down of an evening, Adriene is your go-to. She has more yoga flows than you could ever possibly need, and for every need and profession, too. Think yoga for runners, back pain, headaches, anxiety, teachers, nurses, parents and more.

Do read up on the different types of yoga and many benefits of meditation, while you're at it.

Best free home workout apps

10. Nike Training

Download the Nike Training Club (NTC) app for free and you can scan through a vast library of minimal equipment workouts by highly experienced trainers until one takes your fancy. You can even create a personal plan so you can stay motivated, adjust your progress along the way and schedule new activities. Free for iOS and Android.

11. FIIT

The FIIT app features hundreds of pre-recorded workouts from international trainers. You can choose between 25- and 40-minute sessions, based on your exercise preferences (such as HIIT, yoga, or weight training), plus new workouts are added daily.

If you have an Apple Watch or Fiit device, you can get involved in the UK’s first interactive live leaderboard classes, which allow users to workout with friends and family from the comfort of their living room.

While it's not free forever, you can try a 14-day free trial right now.

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12. Centr

Centr - Chris Hemsworth's fitness offering - currently has a six weeks free trial up for grabs. Here at MC, we're actually all for celebrity workouts, as long as they've got a strong team of qualified experts on board to share their insight and knowledge.

Hemsworth certainly has, which is why we'd recommend trying his health and fitness program Centr Fit for free. Just sign up on their website and remember to cancel your membership before the six weeks is up.

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Best free home workout online platforms

13. Own Your Goals Davina

Loveable celebrity Davina McCall is giving away free 30-day memberships to her online gym, Own Your Goals Davina. Access 100s of workouts such as yoga, HITT and dance, plus wellbeing tips to support you through the current crisis.

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14. Fitness First FitX Player

Fun fact: Fitness First has a home workout hub to keep everyone moving from home. The best bit? It's totally free. Head to their website for a jam-packed schedule of virtual classes, from HIIT to SHRED, Yoga, Pilates and more. Simply head to for more info.

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How do I choose between a pre-recorded and a live stream workout?

Good question - and short answer, it's up to you and what you prefer.

With a live stream, you get a real sense of community, may be held more accountable if you've booked in with a friend, plus get to workout with lots of other people - virtually of course. "People really enjoy human interaction," says Greg Zimmerman, co-founder of Rowbots gym. "A live workout gives you as much of an in-house class feel as possible without actually being there, plus it helps to retain the community spirit."

Pre-recorded, on the other hand, gives you the freedom of choosing when exactly you'd like to get a sweat on - plus is more often than not free to access, whereas a live stream will cost you £££.

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