Having a baby makes you brainier

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  • Get pregnant: boost your brain power

    Many a pregnant woman may have bemoaned her ‘baby brain’, but new research suggests having a baby actually makes you brainier.

    Experts from the States have discovered that having a baby super-charges the brain to ensure the mother can look after her new arrival.

    ‘When the going gets tough, the brain gets going,’ neuroscience professor Craig Kinsley told reporters.

    ‘Pregnant women do undergo a phase of so-called baby brain, when they experience an apparent loss of function.

    ‘However, this is because their brains are being remodelled for motherhood to cope with the many new demands they will experience.

    ‘Many benefits seem to emerge from motherhood, as the maternal brain rises to the reproductive challenge.’

    And the good news? Women’s increased mental capacity doesn’t disappear once their child is old enough to fend for itself.

    ‘The changes could last for the rest of their lives,’ adds Kinsley.

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