Gossip is good for you

Gossip is good for us say scientists

Being gossiped about is good for us because it keeps our behaviour in check and makes us want to look good to others, say scientists.

A university study revealed that people were more charitable if they were told their conduct would be gossiped about.

Conversely if they knew they would not be talked about, people were less generous.

It was only when a person was identified in the gossip that they became considerably more big-hearted.

The study, published in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior, concluded: ‘It would appear that the threat of gossip only serves to promote generous behaviour when people are given the opportunity to enhance their reputation.’

In the past studies on gossiping have concluded it can help people build relationships and should be seen as a positive social skill.

Better get off to that mother’s meeting thenÂ…

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