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  • Female office juniors twice as likely to die from binge drinking

    Young women who work in offices are twice as likely to die from drinking too much than the rest of the population, new figures revealed.

    A study of deaths caused by alcohol has revealed the professions most at risk of dyeing early from alcohol binging.

    The figures released on female office workers pinpoint the ‘classic office junior’ who works in a male dominated environment and does general office administration.

    Frank Soodeen, from Alcohol Concern, said: ‘Women who work can often afford to drink more and, particularly for those working in male-dominated occupations, an existing heavy drinking culture can be an additional risk factor.’

    Men and women who work around drink such as bar staff, publicans and catering staff are most at risk, according to the Office of National Statistics.

    Actresses are 1.8 times as likely to die from alcohol than the general population, followed by women who work as hairdressers, who are at 1.4 times the general risk.

    The figures showed there were 16,666 alcohol related deaths from 2001 to 2005.

    Data released earlier this year found that deaths specifically due to alcohol have doubled in the last ten years.

    Professor Martin Plant, an alcohol addiction expert from the University of the West of England, said: ‘What is important is whether the occupation has a drinking culture, the availability of alcohol and the toleration of drinking at work.

    ‘That is why you find the entertainment and catering industries featuring heavily.’

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