Botox to the brain

How your anti-wrinkle Botox jab could end up in your brain

Injections of Botox could end up in the brain, scientists are warning.

In a study on rats, botulinum toxin was injected into the animals’ whisker muscles, but three days later, traces were discovered in their brain stems.

More than £600 million was spent on Botox last year as more and more women, and men, resort to the measure to combat signs of ageing.

However, following the report in the Journal of Neuroscience, medics are calling for further tests to investigate just how safe it is.

Meanwhile, the company who make Botox for commercial use, Allergan, were playing down the findings.

‘The authors used a laboratory preparation of botulinum toxin and did not use Botox,’ said a spokesman.

‘Data suggests that different preparations of botulinum toxin react differently in both the laboratory and in clinical practice.’

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