Atkins diet better than GI

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  • Scientists say Atkins better than GI diet at shedding pounds

    It was the favoured diet of all the stars from Jennifer Aniston to Geri Haliwell in the early noughties, and now scientists have confirmed that the high-protein Atkins diet stops slimmers from putting weight back on.

    By contrast, research has suggested that the popular GI diet, which differentiates between ‘good’ and ‘bad’ carbs, appears to do nothing to stop the pounds returning.

    A study of 250 men and women showed that protein, not carbs, was the secret to fighting the flab.

    The case studies who followed a high protein diet barely gained any weight, regardless of the GI of their meals, however those on a low protein diet put the weight back on.

    Scientists believe protein makes us feel full for longer and is better at speeding up our metabolism.

    At the peak of its popularity in 2003, three million Britons followed the Atkins diet, which involved eating huge amounts of protein and removing all carbs including fruit from the diet.

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