All-new Atkins Diet: bread included

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  • Atkins Diet is back, and this time bread and pasta are both on the menu

    The Atkins Diet is back, and this time, both bread and pasta are on the menu.

    It was the slimming sensation of the early Noughties, with everyone from Hollywood stars to British housewives championing its benefits, however, Atkins fell out of favour a few years back when, quite frankly, we all missed our bread too much.

    Now, a new version is back – the All-New Atkins Advantage Diet – which promises similar weight loss, but fewer health concerns and, most importantly, a few portions of bread now and again.

    Using the same principles as the original Atkins Diet, which took an individual’s body into a state of ketosis (where a body breaks down its own fat due to lack of carbohydrates) the new diet offers four different stages, with more ‘good’ carbs added at each stage.

    In the first two weeks of the diet, therefore, the only carbohydrates the dieter is allowed are seeds and berries. Later on, they will be eating brown rice, wholemeal bread and pasta. By the final phase, even white bread and desserts can be eaten, as long as they are limited to 120g per day.

    Dr Stuart Trager, who co-wrote the new diet, says: Yes, some foods are still off-limits in the earlier phases of the new diet. But there is room for healthy carbohydrates. The exercise plan means you can have a slice of bread with your salad if you do stick to the workouts.’




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