Trust me, these 12 bob hairstyles are basically *made* for thin hair

Expert advice on the best bobs to make your hair look fuller

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Bob haircuts are huge news right now, with a new celebrity or influencer taking the chop on a weekly basis. But, while short cuts are most definitely trending, their popularity isn’t purely down to the aesthetics. Alongside being the perfect summer hairstyle to keep you cool on hot, sweaty days, a great bob can also do wonders for our hair, removing any damaged, dead ends and also making it appear fuller and thicker. It’s for this reason a bob haircut is the perfect choice for anyone with thin or fine hair who wants to refresh their look.   

“The bob has always been the go to style for women with fine hair,” says Neale Rodgers, hairstylist at Hershesons, “as the shorter, rigid shape really does create great structure for fine hair. In essence, the closer (shorter) you go to the hairline the more the hair pops to life.” Sounds pretty good right? With that in mind we quizzed Rodgers on the best bob haircuts for thin and fine hair, as well as his expert tips on how to style the short cut to get maximum volume from it. So, if you’re ready to take the chop, keep scrolling for what you need to know…

As the bob haircut is one of the most versatile styles around, there are so many different options to choose from when going for the chop, from the un-done bob to 90s-inspired cuts. With that in mind, we quizzed Rodgers to find out which of the most popular bob styles he recommends for those with thin hair. Here’s his top picks:

The box bob

Hailey Bieber’s signature bob haircut, this one length style gives a neat, polished look. “This is when all the hair is cut to the same horizontal plane,” says Rodgers, “This will give maximum density but doesn’t contain any layering or texture to create movement.” 

The graduated bob

“This style of bob has taken a lot of flak in recent years,” says Rodgers, “but I would say that’s because most hairstylists don’t know how to do it properly. Get your angle of graduation correct and you will have the best bob. In essence what this bob does is gradually pushing the weight from the perimeter up into the shape, creating a much fuller shape.”

The cropped bob

“This bob takes on the guise of a grown-out pixie. It contains both graduation in the back to create fullness and layering throughout to create movement and softness,” says Rodgers. “Typically this shape works a treat with fine hair because it both contains the fine hair to create structure and fullness and the layers allow the shape to move and be playful, something that is great when the hair tends to sit flat”

How to style a bob to make it appear fuller

“Try blow drying or styling the hair in as many different directions as possible,” says Rodger. “This will lock the blowout/styling together like a zip and create the illusion of more volume. I also love using Hershesons Air Dry Spray to create a lived in, beachy texture with volume.” 

Bob haircuts for thin hair

1. The box bob

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Hailey’s signature bob is one length all the way around which gives a fuller appearance. 

2. The shag bob

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Naturally wavy hair will look fuller and thicker if you embrace the hair's texture with layers and soft movement.

3. The 90s bob

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By rolling the ends of her hair inward, Kourtney’s stylist creates a bob with both body and shape.

4. The blunt bob

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Proof that a bob can work on all hair types and textures, Gabrielle Union-Wade’s blunt bob is sleek and sophisticated.

5. The side-parted bob

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To build volume at the root, dry your hair in a side parting, then switch it to the other side for serious lift. 

6. The wavy bob

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A subtle wave will give thin hair body, no matter which bob length or style you go for. 

7. The curly crop

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Julia Garner’s bob cleverly uses her curls to give the illusion of supersized volume. 

8. The half up-do

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If your hair doesn’t reach ponytail length, try a half up style like this, to keep hair away from your face.

9. The pixie

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If your hair always falls flat, lean into it with a slicked down style, like Sabrina Elba. 

10. The face-framing bob

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Face-framing bangs are a great way to add movement to straight, thin hair.

11. The highlighted bob

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Cleverly placed highlights or balayage can add depth to fine hair. Speak to your stylist to find out what style would be best for you. 

12. The flicked bob

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Flicked out ends were a huge streetstyle trend this fashion month, and they’re a great way to add shape to a bob cut. 

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