Hailey Bieber just debuted a new bob hairstyle—here are 17 more for all the bob-spiration you could want

Yes, the biggest hair trend of 2023 is now called the 'Bieber bob'

hailey bieber bob hairstyles
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The bespoke bob is officially the biggest hair trend of 2023, because just three weeks into the year, Hailey Bieber swapped her signature long brunette locks, for a blunt bob. The bob was already shaping up to be the hair trend following the Golden Globes lob hairstyles. But for the rest of the year, hairdressers everywhere will know it as the "Bieber bob."

Sorry, we don't make the rules, just very good at predicting them. Bieber's glazed doughnut nails were the biggest nail trend of 2022, and is still reigning supreme into 2023. With Bieber now rocking the bob, we're considering going for the chop now more than ever.

Biebs debuted her new hairstyle, with a middle parting and wavy ends, on TikTok. Captioning the reveal video with a simple "oops 🔪👩🏼‍🍳💇🏼‍♀️". So casual, but such a big deal, we are still not over it. 


oops 🔪👩🏼‍🍳💇🏼‍♀️

♬ original sound - sped up sounds

Now the comments are begging for her to go back to blonde. Rewind to 2020, and Bieber was all about the blonde bob. It was only a few weeks ago she took to Instagram to share her hair growth journey. "It's taken me 3 years to grow my hair out [...] Officially can do a ponytail with no extensions or clip ins," she wrote. But clearly, the 2023 hair trends got to her, because over the weekend, she chopped it all off. 

Although there's a lot to consider — face shape, whether or not you have thick or thin hair, styling capabilities, desired style — one thing's for sure: they'll never go out of style and that's pretty much a fact. There are so many variations of the cut to choose from that it's virtually impossible not to find one you'll suit.

There's the classic chin skimming bob of course, but also more modern iterations such as the lob – a slightly longer, grown out bob – and the current A-lister favourite, the wob; a tousled, wavy bob with a laid-back, bohemian feel.

And the good news is that if you need a visual representation of these choppy styles, there's a whole host of A-listers in the celeb-sphere with great bobs to choose from. Whether you're more of a Chrissy Teigen wavy lob, a Jenna Ortega lob or a blunt-edged Rihanna bob, there's plenty to choose from in our hair archives. The world's your oyster here. 

Keep reading for the best bob hairstyles this year has to offer. Tempted much?

1. The Bieber bob

hailey bieber bob hairstyles

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The boyfriend bob, AKA the Bieber bob is exactly what comes to mind when you think of a bob. Chin grazing, chunky ends, and a slight wave. It literally looks perfect. All of a sudden I'm considering taking 20 inches off.

2. The lob

bob hairstyles

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Jenna Ortega just made a choppy bob the look of the year. Adding waves for extra texture creates gorgeous movement which looks effortless.

3. The ombre bob

bob hairstyles

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If you thought you couldn't experiment with colour with a bob, then let Milly Alcock's Golden Globe look inspire you. The blonde ends make the sleek bob extra special. We love the addition of the face framing strands too.

4. Choppy waved bob 

Lana Condor bob hairstyle

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A bob cut above the chin might feel super short, but it looks incredible on so many people. And hey, think of all the time you'll save drying it.

5. Wispy bob 


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Rihanna's wispy bob and fringe style might've been debuted back in 2016 but we still love just as much to this day. 

6. Wavy lob 

Chrissy Teigen bob hairstyle

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Probably the go-to hairstyle of the decade is the lob, aka long bob, popularised by many a celebrity over the last few years. Whether you like a curly lob or tousled, mid-length waves, this is probably the most versatile hairstyle you can go for. 

7. Braided bob 

Marsai Martin blunt bob

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Marsai Martin gives us a lesson in how to create a middle part blunt braided bob. 

 8. Lob with side-swept fringe 

Emma Stone

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Even more dramatic than chopping off all your hair is chopping off all your hair AND having a fringe cut in, all at once. Whether you prefer a blunt full fringe or sweeping side bangs, your hairdresser will help you choose the right one to suit your face shape. 

9. Blunt asymmetical bob 

Dua Lipa

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Want a dramatic 'do that makes an impact? A poker straight asymmetric bob ticks all the boxes.

10. Dramatic blunt bob 

Kerry Washington bob hair

(Image credit: Getty / Frazer Harrison / Staff)

Allow Kerry Washington to convince you to try a blunt bob with a micro fringe. It's sure to turn heads and get compliments.  

11. Wet-look bob 

Charlize Theron

(Image credit: Getty / Jon Kopaloff / Stringer)

Charlize Theron has tried so many bobs on the red carpet, but this 2021 bob has to be up there with our favourites — tousled and slightly wet look. 

12. Coiffed asymmetric lob 

Margot Robbie

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Margot's coiffed, asymmetric long bob is the epitome of chic.

13. Poker straight bob 

Naomi Campbell

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Usually known for her seriously long locks, Naomi Campbell has proved that just about any hairstyle will suit her, including this poker straight lob. 

14. Curly bob 

Yara Shahidi

(Image credit: Getty / Emma McIntyre / Staff)

Yara Shahidi wore her curly hair with blunt cut ends and a slightly wispy fringe. 

15. Half-up bob 

Emilia Clarke

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Emilia Clarke's look is a perfect example of how to style the half-up do with a bob.

16. Messy-chic bob 

Alexa Chung

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Take your cue from the original queen of the bob and go for a centre parting and a subtle side fringing.

17. Side part Hollywood bob 

Jenna Dewan

(Image credit: Getty Images)

Jenna Dewan has one of the most iconic bobs of the decade, whether it's tousled waves or sleek and coiffed as seen here.

18. Vintage-style bob 

Lily Collins

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She may have grown it out now, but Lily Collins had one of the best bob hairstyles we've ever seen. Although she usually styles it wavy, we also love this vintage vibe.

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