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Bonnie Wright for Oxfam

Bonnie Wright Wants You To Do Something Very Simple For Oxfam...

What does your mum do for you? Think about it for a second. Chances are, she does pretty much everything. That's why we joined Harry Potter actress Bonnie Wright and her jewellery designer mother Sheila Teague for their Oxfam Mother Appeal breakfast in London.

Shelley and mum, Josie

Olympian Shelley Rudman's mother Josie is a supermom

It's reassuring to know that even Olympians turn to their mothers in times of need - it makes us feel just a little less embarrassed about finding it hard to even contemplate a January gym membership without breaking into a sweat...


Introducing: Everyday Effect

Change in the world isn’t always driven by the fast-paced or the futuristic; by the sensational or the extreme: sometimes change starts a bit closer to home.

Take A Good Look

What YOU Should Know About Cosmetic Intervention...

We think you would be shocked if you knew the dangers women face as a result of the poorly regulated cosmetic-intervention industry in the UK. That’s why Marie Claire has launched the #TakeAGoodLook campaign


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