This Is How Much Your Favourite Beauty Vloggers Actually Earn…

Zoella Rex

We all know that blogging about beauty is a lovely, lovely career – just think of all the free samples, for starters. But who knew it was as lucrative as this? As The Sunday Times reveals how much Zoella makes in a month (clue, shit loads) we’re taking a look at how much our favourite bloggers and vloggers really earn…

Zoella, £50,000 per month
As in every month. Yup, at the grand old age of 25, Zoella is pretty damn rich thanks to her blog, books and beauty line - all adored by her 10million+ subscribers. According to The Sunday Times, the internet star took home over £400,000 from her YouTube career in the eight months up to November 2014 (all of those juicy endorsement deals will have helped a bit, too).

Tanya Burr, £20,000 per month

… that’s from advertising alone, BTW. Oh yes, when you add in product placements, book deals and Tanya’s super successful makeup line, her 2015 net worth was estimated to be in excess of £1.5 million. Sigh. Now married to another famous vlogger, Jim Chapman, Tanya’s half of a new power couple and had the most Pinterest-worthy wedding we’ve ever seen in November last year.

Michelle Phan, £2.1million per year

Thought your favourite UK YouTubers earned a lot? Well in the US, there’s a whole new level of vlogger stardom to be reached. Michelle Phan, whose celebrity inspired makeup tutorials have clocked up over 1billion views, has built an entire cosmetics company out of her interest – a venture which now brings in over $84million in sales annually.

Mariand "Yuya" Castejon, $41,000 per month

…Again, that's just from her (all Spanish) YouTube videos. According to Ad Age, when you take into account the other perks of her internet fame, Yuya (aka lady16makeup) is set to be making packets more.

Rachel "Bunny" Meyer, $45,000 per month

With over 4million subscribers, @Grav3yardgirl is a firm internet sensation thanks to her popular ‘Does This Thing Really Work?’ video series. The reward for such innovation? A whopping 45 grand per month, that’s what.

Soooo… are you ready to change careers yet?


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