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The best face cleansers for all skin types

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Get clean and clear skin with the best cleansers available on the market right now

Finding the best cleanser for your skin type can be quite the challenge, especially because the long-term effects aren’t seen immediately. Yes, your skin will instantly feel fresh, clean and soft (especially if you use a face cleanser brush), but in the long run, cleansers should also be a huge part of your anti-ageing regime, fighting off the years and reversing the daily effects of make-up and dirt on your skin – results that won’t be seen until further down the track.

This is why you need to do your research or visit our sister site Powder who will find a cleanser that’s specifically matched to you. Like finding the best makeup remover for your skin, finding the ultimate cleanser for yourself in a saturated market can seem near impossible, so you’ve got to rely on recommendations from those who have tried them all. Which is why we pulled together a team of beauty experts to give you a list of the best cleansers available on the market right now.

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