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BEST IN BEAUTY: The best face mists – the unsung skincare hero

The best face mists to refresh, cool and re-hydrate skin throughout the day.

I am quite literally obsessed with face mists. If you are about to argue with me and protest that they are pointless addition to the skincare world, I am here to change your mind. Because the best face mists are so much more than an extra step in your daily routine.

Picture this: you’ve met up with friends for a picnic in the park. You’ve got a bottle of chilled Prosecco, five plastic glasses and the whole M&S snacking food aisle with you. It’s a nice sunny day and you’re working on your tan, whilst catching up on the gossip. 45 minutes later and you’re feeling the heat – you’ve started to get a bit sweaty, the alcohol has gone to your head and you’re feeling a little lightheaded. Why is there no breeze? Your best foundation is slowly coming off every time you wipe your forehead. You’ve noticed that your nose is really red – is it possible to sunburn that quickly?! Well you did forget sun protection.

Sounds like a complete nightmare, am I right? Well guess what? If you had packed a trusty face mist in your picnic hamper, this could have been avoided. You see, whilst most people see a face mist as a poor man’s toner or a pointless product created by the marketing departments of big beauty brands, I see it as the saviour to my summer, my desk essential and my handy travel companion.

For if you get your hands on the best facial mist, it can achieve the following things:

  • Instantly cool you down, whether you’re a little tipsy in the park or on the Central Line at rush hour
  • Pep you up when it’s 4pm, you can’t concentrate on your emails and just wish you were on your sofa watching a box-set on Netflix
  • Set your make-up so that the half an hour you spent perfectly your beauty look this morning, wasn’t a complete waste of time
  • Get a really smart face mist and it can protect you from the sun’s harmful rays or the dreaded effects of pollution

Need I go on?

If you still need convincing, check our the amazing mists in the gallery below. You’re bound to find one that you like, that I promise you.

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