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The best face serum that will transform your skin

The fastest way to treat your skin needs? Bag yourself a good serum

The best face serum is potent and powerful. It’s also the powerhouse in your skincare routine.

With roots in Japanese beauty, the best face serum will deliver a more potent dose of skin benefiting ingredients than your day cream. In other words, you definitely need one in your routine. We promise you won’t regret it for the change to your skin is worth it.

With a much lighter consistency than face creams, they contain a higher concentration of active ingredients. The smaller molecular weight can penetrate the skin much deeper than a heavier cream. In fact, serums are the ones that do all the hard work. If you could only use one skincare product for the rest of your life, we’d say grab a serum.

They help combat a number of skin issues, everything from dehydration and wrinkles, to dullness and pigmentation. Once you’re done applying the best face serum, be sure to follow up with one of the best moisturisers for dry skin, or one of the best moisturisers for oily skin, depending on your skin type.

How to choose the best face serum

There are so many serums out there it’s tricky knowing which one is right for you. You can either look for one that suits your skin type, for example if you have dry skin you ought to opt for one with high levels of hyaluronic acid, whilst if you suffer from breakouts vitamin C will do wonders. Alternately, your serum can help with any specific skin concerns you might have like dullness (vitamin C again) or pollution (in which case – you’ll need one with a dose of antioxidants.) In our opinion it’s good to have serum wardrobe that you can turn to in the morning once you’ve assessed the state of your skin.

Best anti-ageing serum with retinol

Beauty Pie Super Retinol Ceramide-Boost Anti-aging Face Serum, £10.50 for members

best face serum

Retinol is the bees knees. A retinol serum, plus SPF worn every single day, is said to the ultimate duo to fight the signs of aging. Retinol (a vitamin A derivative) was first used to help acne sufferers, which incidentally it does help with, but people started noticing how much it helped with fine lines and wrinkles. This Beautypie serum is a wonder – it’s got encapsulated retinol, which makes it super gentle on the skin, and also has hyaluronic acid (all hail HA) and lactic acid, which gently exfoliates. It’s basically a super serum. Ah, now we understand the name.

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Best vitamin C serums

Balance Me Vitamin C Repair Serum, £27.20 Look Fantastic

best face serum balance me

If, when you look in the mirror, your skin looks a little lacklustre and in need of a boost or you’re concerned about pigmentation, then you need a vitamin C serum in your life. There are plenty on the market, but we’re huge fans on the Balance Me Repair Serum. It has a 98% naturally derived formulation and helps to brighten dark spots and boost radiance. With the added bonus of hyaluronic acid, it also helps to keep your skin flushed with moisture.

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If there’s one beauty tip we can give you, it’s to use a serum.

Here’s our roundup of the best of the rest…

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