The middle class hit worst by the recession

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  • Professional workers have experienced the biggest increase in unemployment since the recession.

    Going to university and getting a top degree used to be the key to a stable career. But it hasn’t worked out for some as new figures suggest professionals are among those hit worst by the recession.

    Despite their high levels of experience and qualifications, highly skilled workers such as architects, surveyors, vets and solicitors have seen the biggest increase in job loss according to an analysis of official figures detailing unemployment benefit claimants.

    The number of unemployed architects rose form 155 in March 2008 to 1,595 last month, and the number of unemployed vets rose form 15 to 90. Jobless surveyors are up almost tenfold, whiles accountants out of work has rise by a shocking 250 per cent.

    And it doesn’t end there. It is believed that unemployment among the professionals could be even higher as many white-collar workers do not claim benefits as they rely on savings or redundancy packages.

    Interestingly, one of the only types of jobs where unemployment claims have fallen is senior official in national government.

    The number of shop assistants claiming benefits has risen by 87,700 and the number of unemployed van drivers is up by 26,900.


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