The four-hour flight to Australia

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  • Revolutionary plane to make day trips to Australia

    A revolutionary new aeroplane is set to fly travellers from Britain to Australia in just 4 ½ hours.

    Dubbed Concorde’s bigger and faster successor, the plane will travel at five times the speed of sound using high-tech liquid hydrogen engines, and hit a speed of 3,400mph.

    The advanced speed means passengers could make day-return trips to Australia. However the speed means the new aircraft will have no windows as the scorching external heat would harm passengers. Instead travellers can see the outside world via external cameras.

    However, the new aircraft known as A2 and lighter than a jumbo jet is still just at the design stage, but designers from British firm Reaction Engines believe the blueprints could become reality.

    Spokesman for the company, Alan Bond, commented: ‘It sounds incredible by today’s standards but I don’t see why future generations can’t make day trips to Australasia. The total flight time from Europe to Australia, allowing for air traffic control, would be 4 hours 40 minutes.’

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