Google creates email blocker

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  • Stop late-night drunken emails with new Google programme blocker

    We’ve all done it; the late-night drunken email or text we’ve regretted in the cold light of day, but now Google has created a programme that intercepts emails sent after a certain time of day.

    Mail Goggles was created by Google developer, Jon Perlow, who saw a valid reason for the blocking system after he himself sent a late-night message to his ex-girlfriend, suggesting they get back together. The email request bombed.

    Perlow’s new programme intercepts emails sent from Google’s email service, Gmail after a certain time in the evening and pops up with the message: ‘It’s that time of day. Are you sure you want to send this?’

    The programme then aims to determine whether the sender has had one too many by asking five brain teaser questions that must be answered in a limited time.

    So next time your drunken haze tells you an abusive email to the ex is a good idea, or you ‘reply all’ to a work invitation, instead of emailing a private message to your work mate about the nightmare boss, don the Google goggles – they’re the new relationship saver…

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