Oscars 2008: The gossip

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  • Never mind what happened up on stage, discover what everyone was talking about behind the scenes

    The main gossip from this weekend’s awards shows? Well, it actually wasn’t what happened on Sunday night at the Oscars, but what was spotted at the Independent Spirit Awards. Yes, that’s right, Angelina Jolie is definitely pregnant.

    On the red carpet with boyfriend Brad Pitt, the actress showed off an unmistakable baby bump underneath her clingy black dress.

    ‘They are very, very happy,’ a friend confirmed, saying the couple were ‘thrilled to be adding to their brood’.

    Meanwhile, on Sunday, Cameron Diaz had a ‘blonde’ moment when she completely forgot whose jewellery she was wearing – and had to ask her nearby assistant.

    Interviewer Ryan Seacrest found her mishap quite amusing, exclaiming: ‘(They pay you) $5000 a month and the FedEx charges and he has to remind you?’

    Cameron then conceded: ‘I should know what I’m wearing’.

    Lucky Ryan also witnessed another funny – if a little scary – moment when Gary Busey interrupted his interview with Jennifer Garner, by planting an over-enthusiastic kiss on her neck.

    Visibly shocked, when Ryan tried to move on and ask her about motherhood, Garner replied: ‘Ask me about getting kissed on the neck by this man on the red carpet – that was nice’.

    Ryan laughed and replied: ‘You look very nervous’, to which a flustered Jen said: ‘Yeah, I am. Are you?’

    Ryan then asked where Garner’s partner Ben Affleck was and she laughed: ‘Where is Ben, that’s a good question’.

    ‘We need him quickly’, quipped Seacrest, and Jennifer wrapped it up with: ‘Yeah, I think we do!’

    At least Jennifer Garner (kind of) saw the funny side – unlike Tilda Swinton who reportedly had a sense of humour bypass when a joke was made at her expense.

    So what exactly got her goat? It turns out party organisers for the Warner Bros bash at the Hotel Bel Air thought it would be fun to slip a pair of control pants into every guest’s goodie bags – a reference to the fact that Tilda had to pile on the pounds for her winning role in Michael Clayton.

    But Tilda wasn’t amused – and showed it by being the first celebrity to leave.

    A source told the Mirror: ‘Tilda ate a pie before every scene in Michael Clayton – she said it made her feel uncomfortable in her skin and that helped her get into character as the film’s killer. Tilda has lost all the weight now and the pants were meant as a joke, not to offend.

    ‘And, anyway, there were anti-wrinkle pads in the bags, too, in reference to all the frowning George did in the film.’


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