Barack Obama set for landslide victory say aides

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  • Is Barack Obama on for landslide victory in US elections?

    Barack Obama is set for a landslide victory over John McCain in the presidential elections, according to his senior aides.

    Optimism in the Democratic camp is so high that aides believe Obama will surpass all current predictions in the race to enter the White House.

    The confidence from the Democratic campaigners has emerged from information given from private polling and the strong political support Obama has developed in the key swing states.

    The Senator’s own optimism has sprung from a belief that the strength of first time Democratic voters in several key states has been underestimated – by the media and the Republican party.

    Some insiders in the Democratic party have criticised Obama for failing to win over blue-collar workers, who’s support is thought to be essential to winning the US election.

    In addition, some party aides say the Democratic candidate has been too unwilling to make direct attacks on Republican opposition candidate John McCain.

    However, Obama aides now believe he has a good chance of winning nine states won by George W.Bush in the 2000 election, including Republican monopolies like North Carolina, Virginia and Indiana – who have not voted Democrat for at least a generation.

    Chief strategist to Obama, David Axelrod, commented: ‘Public polling companies and the media have underestimated the scale of new Democratic voters registration in these states.’

    He added: ‘We’re much stronger on the ground in Virginia and North Carolina than people realise. If we get out the vote this may not be close at all.’

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