These are the 11 best dildos for women to use during solo or partnered sex

According to our board of certified sex experts.

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So, you're on the hunt for the best dildo but don't know where to start. For most people, the volume, variety, price, and techno-jargon can make shopping for the best sex toys feel overwhelming. But introducing items like dildos or vibrators into your bedroom should be exciting — so we're here to maintain the buzz with these expert-recommended picks. 

Firstly, some need-to-knows: dildos are toys designed for internal stimulation. In 2022, they come in (literally) all shapes and sizes and boast a lot of features — think vibrations, textures, temperatures, and angles that will hit your G-spot. Plus, they're popular: according to a 2021 survey, a dildo is the second most popular sex toy with 30% of the country owning one, beaten only by a vibrator.  

It's important to remember that what gets you going is unique and personal. Some people might need some clitoral stimulation alongside the penetration, which can be achieved with rabbit-style dildos or by using your or your partner's hands alongside the inserted toy. A dildo alone might do it for you, but you might want to be strategic about the size and shape for optimum pleasure. 

No idea where to start? Here, some of the best sex experts in the game explain what a dildo is, how to use a dildo, and below, their dildo recommendations (including the best suction dildos, too). Keep scrolling for picks from sexologist Ness Cooper, Jordan Dixon, a clinical psychosexual and relationship psychologist, and Aysha Bell, a master trainer of tantra and self-massage coach. For more expert-recommended toys, scroll our guides to the best sex toys for couples, best Amazon sex toys, and best vibrators

What the experts looked  for in the best dildos:

  • Vibration: Some people prefer a manual dildo whereas others like it to be electronic so it can vibrate or pulsate. 
  • Noise: If you're opting for a vibrating dildo, you might want to take noise level into account, especially if you live with other people. Luckily, there are many silent vibrators out there.  
  • Water resistance: Keen to use it in the bath or shower? Make sure any electronic devices are waterproof. 
  • Design: Some dildos are very penis-like while others are more abstract, so take your turn ons into consideration. 
  • Price: Luxury sex toy brands have amazing toys, but you don't need to spend a lot for pleasure. 

Best dildos: 11 to buy now, according to the experts 

How do you use a dildo?

Surprisingly enough, yes, this question is Googled a lot. 

Dildos can be used in the vagina, anus, or mouth. Georgia Di Mattos, co-founder of sexual wellness and medical brand iPlaySafe recommends trying to insert it yourself to begin with. Using some lube may help, as will making sure you've got the right sized dildo for you. 

Dildos are designed to reach your G spot and internally stimulate you. "That said, if you're not so keen on inserting the dildo so deep that it reaches your G spot, you can enter it partly and rotate gently for a different kind of pleasure. This will still stimulate the body," the expert shares.  

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