Best suction dildos: 8 toys that sex experts rate the most highly

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The best suction dildos offer stable, hands-free play. They are a great way for beginners to start experimenting with internal stimulation, as well as a brilliant next step for those who are already using some of the best dildos at home. 

With a suction base, they stick to any hard surface for a stable and life-like way to get off. While many resemble penises with lifelike shapes and textures, others are more abstract with smooth shafts and unique shaping — so there's something for everyone. 

"The suction cup on these toys offer so much creativity on how and where to use the dildos, including in the shower, against walls, stuck to mirrors and on the floor," says clinical psychosexual and relationships psychologist Jordan Dixon

If you have already enjoyed trying some of the best sex toys or the best sex toys for couples and are wondering how arousing suction dildos really are, you're not alone. It's thought that vaginal orgasms are less common for women than clitoral orgasms, with some research showing just 6% of women achieve orgasm via vaginal penetration. But the great thing about suction dildos is that you can use them hands-free for stimulating other areas with your hand or another toy to reach an O. 

It's also worth remembering that you can find pleasure (and health benefits!) without orgasm. Studies show that vaginal stimulation alone can have similar pain-beating effects as orgasm itself, so use your toys to help ease period cramps, and headaches or simply feel connected with your body through pleasure. 

Don't miss our guides to what a dildo is and how to use a dildo, while you're here - and for advice on which products to add to your basket, look no further. We asked sex experts to share their favourite suction dildos for some shopping inspo, and they delivered. The panel includes: 

What to look for in a suction dildo: 

  • A stable base: For comfort and safety, ensure a strong suction feature that will keep stuck to whichever surface you choose. 
  • Size: Comfort is key, which means checking out the length and girth of the suction dildo you want to buy to ensure it's right for you. 
  • Optional extras: Want it to come with a strap on harness, battery powered vibrations or external stimulation? Get your check list at the ready.  

Why should you use a suction dildo?

Masturbation isn't just about mimicing partnered sex — there are so many benefits like feeling connected with your physical sex and getting a rush of endorphins. But suction cup dildos can help things feel a little more real, given that you can climb onto the sturdy toy and ride. Using them with a mirror can be a new, erotic way to explore your body, while sticking them in the shower can make for an exciting clean. Plus, they allow you to go hands-free, which means you can use your fingers for further exploration.

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