7 of the best bullet vibrators for clitoral stimulation

Experts rate these small-but-mighty bullet vibes.

One of the bullet vibrators from sex toy company Lovehoney
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If you've been searching the Internet for the best vibrators just in time for Valentine's Day, you'll likely know by now that they don't have to be big and powerful to get the job done. The best bullet vibrators prove just that - they're the perfect sex toy for beginners, being both small and powerful.

Also known as clitoral stimulators, bullet vibrators are designed for precise application to the most pleasure-focused part of the body. Fun fact: your clitoris has 8,000 nerve endings, so stimulating it is one of the easiest ways to find guaranteed pleasure. For many women, it's also one of the only ways to orgasm, with research from the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy showing over 70% of women need or prefer clitoral stimulation to climax.

Bullet vibrators are arguably better than the best rabbit vibrators and best wand vibrators as their size makes them quiet (read our round-up of the best quiet sex toys, here) and easy to use for precise stimulation. They are also one of the best sex toys for couples as they don't feel intimidating or in the way during sex.

Don't miss our edits of the best rabbit vibrators and best wand vibrators - and if you're sold on the idea of a bullet vibrator but overwhelmed by the sheer amount out there, we've got you. We have suggestions for the best bullet vibrators available to buy from a roster of sex experts, including: 

What to look for in the best bullet vibrator: 

  • Settings and speed: bullets might be small but they can be powerful. Read up on the settings of the vibrator to know if it will be strong enough or too strong for you and, for those who prefer more than a buzz, opt for one with patterned vibrations. 
  • Battery type: some bullet vibrators are battery-operated while others are rechargeable. 
  • Waterproof: if you plan on taking your vibrator into the bath or shower with you, do make sure you check to see if it's waterproof. 
  • Head shape: some bullets are simple, straight shafts while others have split ends to 'wrap' the clitoris. 
  • Price: as always when shopping, set your budget before browsing. Luckily, bullet vibrators can be really affordable, so a low budget doesn't mean less fun.  

The best bullet vibrators: 

How do you use a bullet vibrator?

A bullet vibrator is known for clitoral stimulation, so that's where to aim it. Play around with the pointed precision tips to find the place for pleasurable sensation for you. Remember to use lots of the best lube as you run it around your vulva.

Be warned, most bullet vibrators are not designed for internal use, especially for anal play. That's because they don't have a wide base that stops them from getting… lost. If you are looking for the best anal toys, read our roundup. 

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