Yes, quiet sex toys exist: these are the 14 best to treat yourself to tonight

Just remember: shhhh...

A woman using one of her favourite quiet sex toys
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Fun fact: sales of Ann Summer's quietest vibrator, The Whisper Rabbit, are up by 60% compared with this time last year, putting quiet sex toys firmly on the radar.

Forget clamping your duvet over your vibrator or attempting to muffle your wand, some of the best sex toys the universe has gifted us have actually been designed with minimal noise in mind.

A bit like the best sex toys on Amazon, all of the below can be bought at the click of a button, and are also okayed by our experts as some of the best sex toys for beginners, thanks to their simple designs and instruction manuals. 

Lovehoney sex expert Oloni shares: "Lots of people are now looking for the best quiet sex toys to make their sex life spicy without too much noise."

Her top tips for keeping things quiet in the bedroom as a couple? Play some music, try some face-to-face positions where less thrusting is involved, and have a go at covering each other’s mouths with your hands. "It's both practical and sexy," she explains.

If it's self-love you're after, she recommends investing in a quiet sex toy. From non-vibrating toys, to strokers, to bullets, to rabbits, to massage wands, there's something for everyone in this roundup, from silent to subtle yet strong.

Do note here, though: if the toy is quiet, so too do you need to be... We bought you guides to the best sex toys for couples, best anal sex toys, and best sex toy cleaners.Next up? All the quiet sex toys to have on your radar. Shhhh......

Quiet sex toys: 14 to shop now

Is there such thing as a silent vibrator?

Short answer - while no vibrators will run totally silently, there are some really great quiet options on the market that you can enjoy using without worrying about being heard.

The Ann Summers Whisper range is a great bet - their quietest vibrator range to date, all of their toys have seen rave reviews after testing and guarantee plenty of fun without the noise. 

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