10 of the best rabbit vibrators that sex experts *love*

You'll be at it like a rabbit with these toys.

Best rabbit vibrators
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If you're shopping for the best sex toys this Valentine's Day, don't overlook the best rabbit vibrators. These toys are one step above the traditional bullet vibrators and dildos, offering dual stimulation with the addition of pulsations. 

Originally launched in 1984, rabbit vibrators were designed with a shaft for internal pleasure and, attached to the outside of the stem were two "ears" that vibrated against the clitoris. It wasn't until the noughties, when Samantha was seen using a rabbit in Sex and the City, that the toy went mainstream, though, and they became known as one of the best vibrators. Vibratex, the original producer of rabbit toys, saw a 700% increase in sales after that episode of SATC was aired, according to Forbes. 

Nowadays, rabbits can come in all shapes and sizes. Some ears have been swapped for suction rather than vibration for different types of stimulation. But the concept is the same: dual stimulation for the perfect O. 

"The simultaneous combination of external and internal vibration creates a "blended orgasm" from both the G-spot and the clitoris, thought to be the most powerful and satisfying type of climax," says sex coach Mayla Green

Alongside the best wand vibrators and best bullet vibrators, they're definitely a toy to consider. To help you find the best type of rabbit vibrator for you, we turned to some of the best sex experts in the business. They include: 

What to look for in a rabbit vibrator: 

  • Stimulation: your preference on clitoral stimulation will determine the type of vibe, so pick between suction or vibration. 
  • Size: as vibrators have internal shafts, size really *does* matter. Choose your shaft size wisely. 
  • Waterproof: do you like bath time playtime? If so, getting a vibrator that's waterproof matters.
  • Charging: some vibrators come with batteries while others use USB charging.

Best rabbit vibrators: 10 sex experts recommend

How do you use a rabbit vibrator?

There are so many ways to use a rabbit vibrator. The most common is by placing the shaft inside the vagina and resting the ears against the clitoris for dual stimulation. 

"But you don't have to limit your pleasure to your clitoris," says Cooper. "You can mix it up a bit by placing the ears over the perineum and anus to stimulate other pleasure focused nerve endings."

You can use a rabbit vibrator alone or with a partner, too. The most important things to remember when using a rabbit vibrator is to use lube and go at your own pace — you're more likely to have fun if you feel comfortable. 

For some inspo on inserting the shaft of a rabbit, read our article on how to use a dildo

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