9 best wand vibrators for guaranteed Samantha-style fun

Make like the much-loved SATC character with one of her go-to toys.

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When it comes to the best vibrators, nothing has made quite as big an impact as the best wand vibrators. These are vibrating cylinders attached to long handles that look like a wand and offer sensational pleasure. 

A bit of a fun, feminist backstory: magic wand vibrators were first introduced to the market by Hitachi in 1968. They were marketed as total body massagers (like the 60s version of the Therabody, we guess) but quickly women found, ahem, other uses for the toy. Yep, they became known as the best sex toy. Hitachi wasn't thought to love the association with female pleasure, primarily led by sex educator Betty Dobson, and now there are loads of brands making their own wand-esque toys. 

Much like the best rabbit vibrators, magic wands can partially attribute their mainstream success in the noughties to Samantha in Sex and the City. The toy flew off the shelves after she was shown using one in a 2002 episode, and has been a solid favourite worldwide ever since. With Valentine's Day coming up, now's the perfect time to treat yourself to one.

Thanks to their size, wands are thought to be the most powerful vibrator to exist (more powerful than the best rabbit vibrators and best bullet vibrators). But what is the best vibrator you can buy? That's the question we put to our panel of sex experts, including: 

What to look for when shopping for the best wand vibrator? 

  • Power: the shape and design of magic wands means these can be plugged into the mains to make them a super powerful device. Others use popular USB charging for a portable device that still packs power. 
  • Size: most wand vibrators are sizeable. As they're not designed for internal stimulation, size is less about safety than it is about comfort and preference. 
  • Price: wands can be one of the more expensive sex toys, but they're worth every orgasmic second. Choose your price according to your budget. 

Best wand vibrators: 9 best to buy

How do you use a wand vibrator?

As we mentioned, wands began as body massagers rather than genital vibrators. There's no reason you can't start your exploration in that way too, says Aleece Fosnight, board-certified physician assistant specialising in sexual medicine and CEO of the Fosnight Centre for Sexual Health. "Nothing beats a full body massager," she says. "Use it on the glutes, inner thighs, and lower back with a partner or on your own for the perfect way to warm up the core and pelvic floor muscles before sexual play. Then, use the soft massager directly on the genitals when you're ready for more orgasmic bliss."

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