This is the best workout you can do based on your star sign, according to an astrology expert

Can you guess yours?

Workout based on star sign: A woman meditating by the stars
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For years, I've struggled to find a workout that I can stick to and actually enjoy - which is why, as an astrology enthusiast, I decided to turn to the stars to guide me in the right direction. Have you ever chosen your workout based on your star sign? Well now's your chance.

While they aren't for everyone, astrology experts believe that our star sign plays a big part in our interests and desires. Not only that, but they can help determine the type of workout that's best suited to your personality. Have you ever wondered why you gravitate towards specific workouts or types of exercise? It might just be down to the unique personality traits bestowed upon you by your zodiac sign. 

Similarly, star signs can be a good indicator of what you won't like - for example, a grounded Taurus might not be best suited to aerial yoga and Leo's who love taking centre stage might find working out solo, well, boring.

Just as our zodiac sign guides our beauty choices and can help us find a fragrance based on your sign, it can also help us find a workout we'll genuinely enjoy - or so believes Dalila Salgueiro, astro-manifesting coach and founder of the Manifesting App. How we exercise, how often, and the type of workouts we choose is never one size fits all - but turning to the stars might just help you to find an exercise routine aligned with your natural tendencies...

Ready to unlock the cosmic secret to your ideal workout? Keep scrolling as Salgueiro reveals the best workout based on your star sign. 

These are the best workouts based on star sign


"Arians are known for their energy and competitiveness. That means you like to take on challenges and be on the go," explains Salgueiro. For that reason, she reckons you'll enjoy:

  • High intensity interval training
  • Circuit classes
  • Skipping
  • Hyrox
  • Crossfit. 

If you're a fiery Aries and haven't tried a HIIT workout yet, this is your sign. Not sure where to start? This is the best HIIT workout you can do, according to a top PT, or add a PT's pick of the best 15-minute HIIT workouts to your workout repertoire if you're short on time. 

Try this: Tap into you're competitiveness and challenge yourself with how many reps you can add each week.


“Taureans value stability and endurance," shares the astro-manifesting coach. "You enjoy activities that allow you to work on your muscular strength and endurance, like weight lifting, strength training classes, or functional training.” As a result, she recommends giving any of the following a go:

  • Weight lifting
  • Strength training
  • Crossfit
  • Half marathon or marathon running.

If you're new to weight training, here's a guide on how much weight you should start lifting, and a complete guide to weight training for women from our Health Editor. 

Try this: Test your Taurean endurance and see how long you can hold a squat for. 


"Geminians tend to be curious and like variety," she continues. "You prefer workouts that are dynamic and challenging, like dance classes, cardio workouts, and team sports.” Give the following a go:

  • Dance classes, like Zumba, salsa or tap
  • Sprint workouts
  • Rollerblading
  • Skipping
  • Team sports, like netball or hockey.

Gemini's, if booking into a Zumba class isn't for you, try one of MC UK's favourite cardio workouts, instead. 

Try this: If you find the idea of team sport daunting, there are plenty of local taster sessions available across the country. You never know - it might just turn out to be the exercise motivation you've been searching for.


“Cancerians are sensitive and appreciate activities that bring you comfort and security," explains Salgueiro. Sound exactly like you? Then you will want to try an activity that "allows you to connect with your bodies and find emotional balance, like yoga or Pilates," she goes on to explain. Try any of the following:

  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Breathwork sessions
  • Walking outdoors
  • Mindful movement.

Try this: Keen to start finding emotional balance straight away? We've got you covered. Here you can find our expert-led guides to yoga for beginners, everything you need to know about Pilates workouts and the difference between Pilates vs yoga. You'll be feeling more connected to your body in no time. 


Leo's are self-confident and like to be the centre of attention," says Salgueiro. As a result, you'll be best suited to "physical activities that give you a chance to shine and show off your strength and flexibility." Such as?

  • Weight training
  • Acrobatic yoga
  • Energetic dance classes.

Try this: Keen to track your progress? Opt for one of the best fitness trackers to measure everything from reps, to heart rate, to energy burned. Not only do they look great, but they'll boost your confidence as you see your fitness growth. Win, win.


"Virginians are detail-oriented - you seek perfection in everything you do," shares the coach. "You like to follow structured and disciplined routines and will enjoy workouts where you can measure your progress and set goals best." Workout wise, that translates to:

  • Weight or resistance band workouts
  • Cycling
  • Running.

Try this: If you're keen to start running as a beginner, our hand guide will help, as will this round up of the best running apps to track your progress. 


Librans seek balance and harmony in life," explains Salgueiro. "You'll enjoy activities that allow you to connect with others and work as a team." Think:

  • Partner yoga classes
  • Social dance classes, like Zumba or ballroom
  • Team sports, like netball, rounders or hockey.

Try this: Ready to find balance? Try these yoga poses from home or book a yoga class. That said, balance in your workout routine means finding the perfect harmony between solo yoga classes and having fun with friends, so make sure to include some group workouts, too. Rounders, anyone? 


“Scorpios are passionate and persistent. You like to challenge your limits and seek intense workouts. Martial arts, high-intensity training and competitive sports.” Opt for:

  • Martial arts or Muay Thai
  • Kick
  • High-intensity training
  • Circuit workouts
  • Competitive sports.

Try this: Use your passion to push yourself through a tough HIIT class or help your team win in a local football game. As long as you're passionate about it, you have the persistence to see any workout through, shares the coach.