Best gym classes London: 100+ of the best rated fitness classes to book now

As searches for "gym membership" hit their highest point in UK internet history.

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Googling "best gym classes London?" You're in the right place.

Sure, many of you may now prefer home workouts (hit up our round-up of the best celebrity workouts for some A-list inspo), but many others are glad Case in point: Google data shows that searches for gym memberships in the UK have risen 234% this January, reaching the highest level in internet history.

For many, heading to the gym is the easiest way to stay in a routine, but can be a little intimidating. If that's you and you're not so sure about the whole group workout thing, fun fact: research published in the Journal of Sport, Exercise and Performance Psychology into the power of group workouts revealed that working out in a group is better than solo sessions for overall enjoyment and satisfaction.

Keep reading as our health ed rounds up the best gym classes London has to offer - from budget to high end - and provides a short breakdown of the different types of classes on offer, too.

Not about classes? Read our guides to the types of yoga, best solo gym workouts or outdoor gyms, instead.

What are the main types of gym classes available to book?

The most common gym classes you'll be able to book at your standard gym include:

Best gym classes London: 100+ to book

1. Bodyism

What the website says: "Our Bodyism club in Westbourne Grove is a tranquil space, designed to leave you feeling lighter and brighter. Expect natural interiors, purified air, state-of-the-art hairstyling equipment from ghd, all-natural, organic and vegan haircare products from Lernberger Stafsing, and body and skincare products from Wildsmith Skin for a little extra TLC."

"Our diverse range of group classes have been carefully designed to ensure we can support you at every step, no matter your goals. Whether it's improving your strength and flexibility, toning your muscles or rejuvenating your headspace, we've got it covered."

Types of gym classes? Pilates, Barre, yoga, boxing, and more. 

Book now: Memberships start at £130,

2. X-Pilates

What the website says: "X-Pilates combines refined Pilates methodology with effective fitness techniques using expertly crafted reformers and bespoke equipment. Alongside world-class group exercise, members can benefit from 1:1 training, specialist therapists including Physiotherapy and massage, and drop-in gym sessions to help every individual fulfil their potential. They can also supplement their training with challenges, courses, and retreats."

Types of gym classes? Reformer Pilates.

Book now: Classes from £15,

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3. Barry's

What the website says: "Why Barry's? We do things differently here. Burn up to 1,000 calories. Our high intensity interval training will push you to your limits."

"Hustle for that muscle with top instructors that push you to be your best. Enjoy carefully curated playlists that inspire you to sprint faster and lift heavier. Run lift recover - alternating muscle focus to ensure the body gets a balanced workout and proper time to recover."

Plus, non-Londoners, listen up: they're opening their ninth site in Liverpool this summer, too. Go, go, go!

Types of gym classes? Strength and treadmill.

Book now: Classes from £17.85,

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4. Third Space

What the website says: "More than just a gym, our central London health clubs redefine luxury fitness. From the vast floorspace of Canary Wharf, to the elevated walkway of Tower Bridge, to the newly opened Moorgate space, we have a total of eight club locations across the City - individually-designed, central London health clubs for every fitness need. This is more than just a gym."

Type of gym classes? A bit of everything.

Book now: Membership from £200 a month,

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5. Psycle

What the website says: "What started as a single ride studio in the centre of London has now become a multifaceted global health and fitness brand like no other. We offer four immersive, energetic workouts – Ride, Barre, Strength and Yoga. Our mission is to empower everyone, everywhere to own their life’s beat. That is why we exist, and together with the following core values drives everything we say and do."

Type of gym classes? Spin, barre, strength and yoga.

Book now: From £10 a class,

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What the website says: "50 minutes of full-intensity interval training, engineered to break mental and physical barriers and awaken your inner strength and resilience. We team powerful floor exercises with splits on the hardest but, by far, most effective machine in the gym; the rower."

Type of gym classes? A rowing and strength hybrid.

Book now: From £8.33 a class,

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7. Digme

What the website says: "Have you ever wondered where the name Digme comes from? Good question. It's a beach in Hawaii which happens to be the start line for the famous Ironman World Championship.

But Digme is not about elite performance. For some of us, being able to say you are a triathlete who has made it to the Digme Beach is a real achievement, but that's just one example of a fitness goal excelled; for others amongst us it means simply feeling fitter and healthier, or even just breaking years of lacklustre exercise habits.

At Digme, we help you set your sights high, achieve more than you ever expected, leave feeling exhilarated and be in the best shape of your life - digging deep for real gains."

Type of gym classes? Spin, HIIT, yoga, strength, breathwork and mobility.

Book now: From £10 per class,

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8. Un1t

What the website says: "We train as one to complete the day’s programme. Foundational and functional, UN1T classes have a focus on the basics: building strength, muscular endurance and mobility."

"Our main goal is to bring back team conditioning workouts and help individuals improve their mental state, physical health and overall well being."

Type of gymclasses? Strength and conditioning

Book now: From £17.50 a class,

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9. Frame

What the website says: "We’re on a mission to get more people moving their bodies in a way that makes them FEEL great."

"We believe in the power of sweet endorphins and the magical effects it can have on our mind and bodies. Life can be complicated but getting your daily dose of endorphins shouldn’t be. You can come to see us at one of our studios, show up to a live stream class from virtually anywhere or create your own timetable with our on-demand classes."

"Because every day is different, we’ve got a class to suit every mood and lifestyle. Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself here. But remember – reading about them won’t get you fit, showing up to class will."

Type of gym classes? As above, everything.

Book now: From £10 per class,

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10. WIT

What the website says: "We are the Home of Square Mile CrossFit. A one of a kind training facility in the heart of St Pauls in Central London. We are a unique community for the fitness obsessed offering quality coaching, premium facilities, incredible events & an authentic training experience. From the first time gym-goer to the elite athlete, we welcome members of all abilities to join #TEAMWIT!"

Type of gym classes? CrossFit.

Book now: From £13.50 per class,

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11. F45

What the website says: "The 'F' stands for functional training, a mix of circuit and HIIT style workouts geared towards everyday movement. 45 is the total amount of time for sweat-dripping, heart-pumping fun."

Type of gym classes? HIIT and strength.

Book now: Try a week of classes for £29,

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12. Core Collective

What the website says: "Inclusive London fitness studios. Achieve your fitness goals in inspiring studio spaces with expert trainers. Our classes and workout programmes have been devised to help you improve your fitness. And feel good while doing it. Reach personal goals. Together."

Type of gym classes? Spin, rowing, circuits, strength, TRX, Pilates, yoga and stretching.

Book now: From £17.50 per class,

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13. SoulCycle

What the website says: "SoulCycle is more than just a workout. It’s a sanctuary. We ride together as a pack in candlelit studios to the rhythm of one-of-a-kind playlists."

"We’re coached by legendary instructors who motivate and challenge us. With more than 93 studios (and counting), our inspiring indoor cycling class is available across the U.S., Canada, and the UK. Riders come to us to experience breakthroughs and unlock their full potential—on and off the bike. Let’s get you ready for class!"

Type of gym classes? Spin with a spiritual and mental health twist, too.

Book now: From £16 per class,

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14. Metabolic

What the website says: "A functional group training gym. Torch fat, improve your strength and build lean muscle fast with the metabolic method."

"Workout in a 4000 square foot studio with natural light: join us at our big open ventilated space with a full range of functional training kit, cardio machines, calisthenics studio and shower facilities in Central London."

Types of gym classes? Strength and conditioning, and HIIT.

Book now: From £10 per class,

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15. Equinox

What the website says: "Equinox resembles a luxury fitness playground, with a spacious, open-plan strength floor housed beneath a gleaming domed skylight. An illuminated elliptical dome is the centrepiece of this visually stunning space, evoking energy, luxury and exemplary detail."

"Club highlights include: a Boxing Studio, Yoga Studio, Cycling Studio, Pilates Studio, Tier X Personal Training, and a full-service Spa."

Types of gym classes? A bit of everything.

Book now: There's very little information about pricing on the site, but blogs share that membership prices start at around £220.

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16. 12x3

What the website says: "The best boxing gym in London. Authentic coaching from champions on the sweet science of boxing. You’ll learn proper boxing, to develop confidence, composure under pressure and the discipline needed to be a champ."

"This is the club you’ve been looking for, and we are the team to coach you."

Types of gym classes? Boxing

Book now: Classes from £10 ,

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What the website says: "At MANOR our vibe is a little different compared to other brands from across the pond. Set up and run by a team of former professional athletes and coaches, we believe in a straightforward, no gimmicks approach to fitness and training."

"We’re less about making your training insta-worthy and more about making it effective and sustainable. Our brand is built around a core community and a coaching culture, created to empower and educate our members about their bodies, minds and overall wellness. What we do, we do really well and that’s what you pay your membership for… Not for lifestyle extras."

"These values are at the heart of every MANOR so if any of the above is off putting, then training at MANOR probably isn’t for you and that’s okay. We’re not for everyone… But we are here for every body."

Types of gym classes? Strength and conditioning, boxing and stretch.

Book now: Classes from £17,

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18. The Foundry

What the website says: "The Foundry is a results-driven fitness community offering classes and semi-private personal training."

"Our mission is to create a global fitness team where everyone can belong. We recognise it can be a bit intimidating walking into a gym which includes international rugby players and Olympians amongst its team and members... but you don't need to be physically strong to start at The Foundry. We are proud to have non-threatening environments with world class coaches and a great, fun vibe."

"We invite you to embrace them too, and not only will you get the very best from The Foundry, but you’ll instantly be 14% hotter than anyone else."

Types of gym classes? Strength and conditioning and CrossFit.

Book now: From £15 per class,

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19. Blok

What the website says: "Blok is an award-winning, independent fitness studio offering classes for all levels."

"Our mission is to creatively inspire movement. All Blok classes are designed to progress your fitness, develop your skills and strengthen your body and mind."

Types of gym classes? A bit of everything.

Book now: Classes from £9.33,

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20. BoomCycle

What the website says: "Boom Cycle puts the fun factor into getting your sweat on! You decide how far to push yourself, our instructors are there to guide and encourage you the whole ride."

"It's the ultimate, 'party on a bike' experience for anyone looking for that full body workout. Boom Cycle is here to encourage you, high-five you, make you sweat, support you, entertain you, inspire you & Boom you. Everyone can be, and is part of, the Boom Cycle experience. Come join the party..."

Types of gym classes? Spin.

Book now: Classes from £20,

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21. Orangetheory

What the website says: "Orangetheory is a total-body group workout that combines science, coaching and technology to guarantee maximum results from the inside out."

"It’s designed to charge your metabolism for MORE caloric afterburn, more results, and more confidence, all to deliver you more life. Because the work you do here in our studio will make all the difference out there in your world."

Types of gym classes? Interval training.

Book now: Classes from £14.85,

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22. 1Rebel

What the website says: "1Rebel is a no contract, high intensity, dual studio fitness concept in the City of London offering a fitness experience against a back-drop of curated music."

Types of gym classes? Strength and conditioning, boxing, and spin.

Book now: Classes from £17,

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23. Fitness First

What the website says: "Fitness First, consisting of 44 fitness clubs throughout England, is uniquely placed to provide the products, the environment and the encouragement for everyone to be all kinds of active. Discover your Perfect Fit at Fitness First."

Types of gym classes? A bit of everything.

Book now: Membership fees range from £35 to £55,

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24. Better

What the website says: "GLL is a not for profit charitable social enterprise committed to delivering a better quality of fitness and leisure, libraries and performing arts facilities for everyone."

"We’re committed to providing access to quality community facilities - and more - at a price everyone can afford. We already manage over 258 facilities, and we’re adding more all the time operating under our 'Better' brand."

Types of gym classes? A bit of everything

Book now: Memberships from £30 a month,

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25. PureGym

What the website says: "Choose from 280+ gyms and join today. Gyms across the UK are now back open. Our classes are now bigger and better with new moves and new music. Join today to get a wide range of classes included in your membership."

"At PureGym, you'll find everything you need for a safe and great workout – you can train with confidence at the UK's favourite gym. Find out more about our TrainSafe Commitment and everything you need to know about reopening our gyms."

Types of gym classes? A bit of everything.

Book now: Membership from £20,

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26. The Gym

What the website says: "We’re the Gym Group, a totally new way to exercise. Affordable, high-spec nationwide gyms, that make absolutely everybody feel welcome. Whatever your starting point, and wherever you want to go, we can help."

"So we’re for everyone who’s had enough of the unbelievably-expensive-monthly-contract gym, or the make-me-feel-judged-the-moment-I-walk-through-the-door gym."

"As you might expect we’re growing fast, and there are new Gyms popping up all over the country. And it’s not just new members we’re winning – we won the ‘Budget Gym of the Year Award’ at the National Fitness Awards 2011."

Types of gym classes? A bit of everything.

Book now: Membership from £20,

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27. Triyoga

What the website says: "Founded in 2000, triyoga has become London's top destination for yoga, Pilates and treatments, creating beautiful spaces where everyone can belong."

"Our first yoga schedule offered about 70 classes, with a wide range of styles. We also included daily community classes (at half price) as well as kids classes for the first time in London. Over the years, we have also run yoga and Pilates for sports programmes including football, tennis, golf, skiing, runners and athletes."

Types of gym classes? Yoga and Pilates.

Book now: Classes from £12.50,

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What the website says: "In 2015 KOBOX changed the game and made boxing mainstream. Taking authentic boxing training and making it fun. Once in the studio, your trainer dims the lights, the beat drops and your inhibitions fall way….It’s fight club meets nightclub. Accessible to everyone, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a boxing beginner, KOBOX is all about working hard, sweating lots and punching life in the face, together." See? You need never Google "best gym classes London" again.

Types of gym classes? Boxing.

Book now: Classes from £22,

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29. E-Pulsive

What the website says: "E-Pulsive is a personal training evolution that harnesses the transformative power of EMS, short for Electrical Muscle Stimulation, for 20-minute sessions that will help you reach your target body shape with as little effort and time as possible. EMS works by sending low-frequency electric impulses to manually contract your muscle fibres while you exercise, increasing the intensity of your workout and engaging up to 98% of your muscles compared to the 60% you might use in the gym while burning up to 500kcal"

Types of gym classes? EMS.

Book now: Classes from £85,

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