These office Secret Santa gifts seem very thoughtful but can be given to just about anyone

With loads of under-£10 options

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Struggling to find the perfect office Secret Santa gifts this year? I know the feeling. December is officially upon us, and that means the office Christmas party is right around the corner. After you’ve nailed your Christmas party outfit, the next most important thing on the list is your Secret Santa gift.

I’m a big advocate of picking the perfect present for the right person - because there’s nothing worse than receiving a gift you simply won’t use. The MCUK team has rounded up the best gifts for her, best gifts for him, best gifts for kids, best personalised gifts, best ethical gifts, and best beauty gift sets - so no matter who you’re buying for, we have some great inspiration for you. But I’m here to talk about office Secret Santa gifts. 

Maybe you picked your manager’s name out of the hat, or perhaps you landed on the one guy from IT that you’ve never actually spoken to. Either way - picking a Christmas gift for someone you don’t know on a personal level is always tricky. 

You don’t want to give them something too intimate, but you also don’t want it to seem like you haven’t put any thought or effort into your present. But not to worry - every one of these gifts feels really thoughtful (whether in its luxury feel or via a clever personalised element) without seeming too personal.

Then of course there’s the dreaded budget. Budgets tend to be pretty low for office Secret Santa gifts, and while this makes the gifting process more accessible for everyone, it also limits your choices somewhat. It’s important to stick within the allotted budget of course, because you wouldn’t want someone to spend more on their gift than you did on yours - or vice-versa. 

Luckily, all of the gift ideas in this list are under £25 as an absolute maximum (with plenty of options under £10 dotted around). So without further ado, here are the best Secret Santa gifts to shop right now.

The best Secret Santa gifts: 2023

Secret Santa gifts under £10

Secret Santa gifts under £15

Secret Santa gifts under £25

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