Forget the glazed mani, glazed toes are going to be the biggest pedicure trend this sandal season

The experts all agree, 2024 will be the year for the glazed doughnut pedi

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Last year, Hailey Bieber officially started a glazed revolution, from plump and dewy glazed skin courtesy of her skincare brand Rhode to the ethereal-looking mirror glaze mani, we were all on a quest to look ultra-shiny and good enough to eat. And, while you may think we’d be sick of all things glossy by now, you couldn’t be more wrong, as the trend's not only sticking around for 2024 but it's going, quite literally, a step further. 

Recently, while asking some of the most knowledgeable names in the nail industry to share their predictions for the biggest spring pedicure trends, one look came up time and time again. I'm sure you've guessed it already: get ready for the year of the glazed pedi.

Much like the glazed doughnut manicure that Hailey was still sporting on her instagram just last month, the glazed pedicure features a nude or pastel base colour, topped with a pearlescent shimmer to create an iridescent, glossy finish. “I’m tempted to say we’ll be seeing a lot of glazed toes around,” said Iram Shelton, OPI’s Global Ambassador, when we asked her what she thinks we'll all be wearing on our toes this spring. 

And it’s no wonder why, as the glazed doughnut pedi offers a minimalist look with a fun twist, appealing to both nail purists and those with a more adventurous side. “It’s a neutral yet eye-catching look, making it fun and easy to pair with any outfit,” said Émilie Sanscartier, Manicurist and founder of Gelcare. Plus, isn't the sun finally arriving the perfect excuse to add a little shimmer to your look? We think so. 

If you’re wondering how to bring the glazed look into the new season, Lou Stokes, ORLY UK brand ambassador, suggests opting for pastel tones rather than more classic shades to tap into TikTok’s trending aesthetics, “Pearl-like glaze finishes are one of my favourite spring pedicure looks for this season and they bring the perfect amount of shimmer for a pretty nail look that is bang on trend. With mermaid nails and the coquette aesthetic still trending massively, why not incorporate shades from these key looks for your spring pedicure.”

So, how do you get the glazed pedi look? 

If you’re heading to the salon, your nail tech will start by applying a base coat in a colour of your choice. Milky nudes or soft pastel shades are perfect for giving a more understated look however rich chocolate or greys can also work too. Once the base has dried, your nail tech will then apply a chrome powder on top to create the iridescent finish. This is buffed into the nail using a sponge before being sealed with a top coat.

If you want to get involved in the trend at home, rather than a powder, we suggest opting for an iridescent polish to create the glazed look in just a few quick coats. As most glazed polishes come in different tones, there's no need to apply a base colour, instead you can simply build it up in light layers until you achieve your desired opacity. For the best results, always finish with a top coat to seal in your shade and ensure your pedi lasts as long as possible. 

Want to get started? Keep scrolling for our edit of the best at-home polishes that will get you glazed pedi ready.

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