Cold chrome nails are going to dominate the rest of 2023—here's the proof

9 looks for your next salon appointment

A street style image of a guest at Paris Fashion Week wearing a green lace dress, a green leather clutch bag and winter chrome nails
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When it comes to the hottest nail trends of the year, chrome nails have been leading the way—with everyone from Margot Robbie to Hailey Bieber (with her famous mirror glaze nails) stepping out with chrome manis over the summer months. However, as winter approaches, our collective obsession with high-shine nails shows no signs of dwindling. In fact, chrome nails are about to really come into their own with the manicure's mirrorball finish proving the perfect option for party season—enter, cold chrome nails.

Ahead, we asked session manicurist Ami Streets what to ask for in salon if you’re looking for the coolest winter chrome nail look. Plus, we’ve got plenty of inspiration for your next mani appointment.

What are cold chrome nails?

When thinking about updating your chrome manicure for the winter months, the key lies in the colour palette. While cold chrome doesn't refer to 'cool' undertones, it does relate to tones that make you think of winter. "Update your chrome mani for autumn/winter by choosing deeper, richer colours which look great with a chrome overlay," explains Ami. "Classic colours like wine-hued reds, dark bottle greens and navy blue work really well, but one of my current favourites is actually a deep chocolate brown which looks super chic and is a versatile neutral that works for different skin tones." For the ultimate look, try a chrome cinnamon nail mani.

And while a block colour chrome manicure will look so good this winter, experimenting with nail art is always a great idea. "Try incorporating a minimalistic nail art design into the look," suggests Ami. "Chrome French tips or an ombré effect are a subtle way to wear the trend, and also make a great option for more festive winter looks."

How to execute cold chrome nails

Much like our skin requires a little extra care in winter, our hands do too—especially if we want to keep our cold chrome nails looking fresh. Ami suggests applying cuticle oil daily to keep your nails and hands hydrated and to prevent breakage and brittleness.

"If the shine of your chrome mani starts to wane, and you want to add a layer of extra protection, then application of a good gel-look top coat will give a super glossy effect and help to extend the wear time of your manicure," advises Ami.

Cold chrome nails inspiration

Keep scrolling for 9 of our favourite winter chrome nail looks, and the products you need to recreate them at home.

1. Caramel chrome

This cosy caramel shade is made for a winter chrome mani.

2. Cinnamon shine

Red chrome nails are a fiery choice for the season ahead.

3. Emerald glaze

A black base coat with a green chrome powder is the key to this multi-dimensional mani.

4. Gold tips

Try a chrome French mani for winter if an all-over colour isn't your style—this gold shade is subtle and chic.

5. Mirrorball shine

Charlize Theron's mirrorball manicure is perfect for party season.

6. Chrome micro details

Silver chrome details add an unexpected (and incredibly cool) detail to this black French mani. 

7. Olive glaze

Pantone coined this golden-green shade 'Olive Oil' and it's set to dominate for autumn/winter 2023. 

8. Copper blush

Copper and blush hues combine to create a cold chrome nail look inspired by fallen leaves.

9. Golden gloss

The gloss of this gold-tipped manicure looks so expensive.

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