The experts have spoken, these are the trending pedicure shades to wear on your toes this spring

Shades to get you sandal ready

A woman wearing floral sandals and a spring pedicure
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Warm weather is finally on the horizon and with it comes the return of sandal season. With that in mind, you’ll undoubtedly be thinking about getting your feet prepped and ready for the biggest nail trends. (You should start using a great foot cream around now.) 

If a pedicure is on your to-do list, you’ll most likely be looking for inspiration on the best pedicure colours to be sporting on your toes this spring. So, because we’ve always got your back, I thought I’d go straight to the experts to see just which shades they predict will be big news for Spring 2024. 

From unique pastel tones to TikTok-approved top coats, we've got all the details on the most popular pedicure colours for spring, as well as some helpful tips on how to achieve a professional-looking finish at home. Scroll on for all the inspo you need to achieve the perfect spring pedi…

1. Lavender Haze

Pastel tones are synonymous with spring, but if you’re looking for something a little out of the ordinary, a lavender polish is the way to go. Top top: to ensure lighter shades pop, start with a white base coat and then build your tone on top for a high-impact finish. 

2. Glazed toes

For celebrity manicurist and Global OPI Ambassador Iram Shelton, the glazed manicure trend that took hold of our hands last year it set to adorn our toes too. “I think because it might be people’s first pedicure in a while (after winter), a clean, simple look for spring will be winning,” she told me. “I’m also tempted to say we’ll be seeing a lot of glazed toes around,” she says. If you’re visiting a professional, ask for a chrome top coat to recreate the look, or, try a shimmer polish to get the glazed look at home. 

3. Bright white

If you're looking for a crisp, clean look, white toes are a spring/summer staple. Whether you opt for a cool ice tone or a rich, creamy white, I'd suggest keeping the length short and the shape simple to lean into the chic, minimalistic feel. 

4. Ruby red

According to Lou Stokes, Orly UK Brand Ambassador, a classic red pedicure will always be on trend. “If pastel nails really aren’t your thing then go for a pop of bright red on your toes for a timeless, bold look. A red nail works all year round, but there is something wonderful about seeing a playful, bold and well-manicured red polish on your toes at this time of year.”

5. Classic French

One of the great things about French tips is they work year round, so there's no need to keep coming up with a fresh nail idea every month if you're not inclined to. For the perfect French pedi, a natural looking base coat is key, so speak to your nail artist about what works best for your skin tone, as it will vary from person to person. 

6. Baby pink

Lynn Mason, in-house nail expert at Mavala UK, suggests soft pink tones make the perfect entry in spring-ready pastels. “Pastel shades are always synonymous with spring, and while they tend to be popular for manis, people still tend to play it safer on their toes. After wearing dark shades all winter long, a lighter hue is sure to make your feet feel fresher for spring. A soft baby pink is a winner for the clean [look],” she says.

7. Milky nude

Milky nails entered the scene last summer as the perfect low-maintenance nail shade, and they’re a great choice if you’re looking for a chic pedicure colour, too. Usually in tones of white or nude, they provide a sheer wash of translucent colour that allows your natural nails to shine through for an ultra-healthy look.  

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