14 beauty editors confirm it—these luxury beauty products are worth their weight in gold

A serious upgrade to your beauty routine

Luxury beauty products
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Beauty editors try hundreds of beauty products each year. It comes with the territory, of course, but with so many new launches at our fingertips it does mean that for us to recommend a product it has to be seriously impressive. And if it’s a luxury beauty product with a price tag to match? It’s going to have to work even harder to excite. Because while there used to be an intrinsic tie between efficacy and the price that you paid for a product, the high-street is now awash with brilliantly affordable beauty brands formulating innovative products to rival the luxury market.

So, are there any luxury beauty products that can still justify their price tag? Absolutely. In fact, according to these discerning beauty editors, there are certain luxury beauty products that are so good that they happily spend their own hard-earned cash on them. (The ultimate seal of approval from a beauty editor.) Yes, they’re undeniably pricey, but if you’re looking to upgrade your beauty routine with something extra-special then it might be worth a peruse.

Mica Ricketts, Freelance Beauty Editor

Luxury Beauty Products Mica Ricketts

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Shannon Lawlor, Executive Beauty Editor at Marie Claire UK

Shannon Lawlor wearing Rouge Hermes

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Tori Crowther, Freelance Health and Beauty Journalist

Luxury Beauty Products Tori Crowther

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Katie Thomas, Senior Beauty Editor at Marie Claire UK

Luxury beauty products Katie Thomas

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Ata-Owaji Victor, Freelance Beauty Editor and Journalist

Luxury Beauty Products Ata-Owaji Victor

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Jacqueline Kilikita, Deputy Beauty Director at Refinery29 UK

Luxury beauty products Jacqueline Kilikita


Lucy Partington, Freelance Beauty Journalist

Luxury Beauty Products Lucy Partington

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Zeynab Mohamed, Freelance Beauty Journalist 

Luxury Beauty Products Zeynab Mohamed

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Eleanor Vousden, Beauty Editor at Who What Wear UK

Luxury beauty products Eleanor Vousden

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Rebecca Fearn, Freelance Beauty Editor & Features Writer

Luxury beauty products Rebecca Fearn

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Humeara Mohamed, Freelance Beauty Editor

Luxury beauty products Humeara Mohamed

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Lucy Abbersteen, Freelance Beauty Editor

Luxury beauty products Lucy Abbersteen

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Vanese Maddix, Freelance Beauty Journalist

Best luxury beauty products Vanese Maddix

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Emily Knott, Commerce Publisher and Editor at MailOnline and Metro

Luxury beauty products Emily Knott

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Mica Ricketts

Mica Ricketts is a freelance beauty editor and contributor to Marie Claire. She has written for titles including Refinery29 and Who What Wear UK, and also works with beauty brands on content messaging and marketing copy. She was previously Who What Wear UK's beauty editor. As someone that has tried basically every acne product on the market, she has a particular passion for debunking skincare myths and finding products that work. Plus, with two small children at home she is all about time-saving beauty routines that boost glow and disguise dark circles.