These are the only 10 products beauty editors admit they *actually* shop for (despite receiving hundreds of free samples every year)

The crème de la crème of beauty

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Beauty editors try a lot of new beauty products. I mean, it is our job after all. For that reason, it also takes a lot to impress us. But there’s a bigger indicator as to whether a product is worth parting your cash with and that’s if we buy the product ourselves—on repeat. 

See, because reviewing products is part of our job, we get them for free. That means our desks, floors and even our kitchen cupboards (yep, it’s a well-known place for beauty editors to stash the latest launches) are overflowing with beauty samples. But that doesn’t stop us from spending our money on the very best products—from cleansers to perfumes—which we need to top up over and over again. And that’s how you know it’s a true beauty editor favourite. 

To find out the best of the best, I asked 9 of my fellow beauty editors to share the beauty products they think are so good they continually buy it, despite having hundreds of free samples at their fingertips. From colour-changing blush to detangling conditioner, some might argue these are the beauty beauty products in existence.

Katie Thomas, Senior Beauty Editor at Marie Claire UK

Katie Thomas

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"I have written about my love of these tanning drops so many times, I'm surprised the brand hasn't hired me as a salesman. As a mother of two on such little sleep it's criminal I can often look weary and my skin appear completely devoid of colour. However, nothing perks my skin up more than this wonderful bottle of joy. A couple of drops inside my moisturiser and I am back to the land of the living, a couple of drops more and my gosh I am health personified and just a few more after that and I look like I've been on a beach for two weeks with only a book for company."

Vanese Maddix, freelance beauty journalist

Vanese Maddix - beauty editor products

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Lucy Abbersteen, freelance beauty editor

Lucy Abbersteen - beauty editor products

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Shannon Lawlor, Executive Beauty Editor at Marie Claire UK

Shannon Lawlor

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Nateisha Scott, beauty editor 

Nateisha Scott - beauty editor products

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Valeza Bakolli, Junior Shopping Editor at Marie Claire UK

Valeza Bakolli

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Madeleine Spencer, freelance beauty and wellness editor and make-up artist 

Madeleine Spencer - best beauty editor products

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Amerley Ollennu, freelance beauty and lifestyle editor

Amerley Ollennu - beauty editor products

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Tara Ledden, beauty editor 

Tara Ledden - beauty editor products

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Tori Crowther, freelance health and beauty journalist 

Tori Crowther - beauty editor products

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