This list of celebrity IQ results might surprise you

From Britney to Obama, see how these high profile names measure up against each other in the IQ stakes

Who has the highest IQ: Madonna or David Cameron? Cindy Crawford or Hillary Clinton? Boris Johnson or Donald Trump?

Official MENSA IQ tests completed by a selection of high profile politicians, artists, actors and musicians throw up quite a few surprises.

The IQ test, short for ‘Intelligence Quotient’ – derived in the early 20th Century by psychologist William Stern – is still the standard measure of human intelligence.

But according to a new list released showing the IQs of public figures, some famous faces you might assume are naturally intelligent actually score pretty low on the table.

Perhaps the most surprising of these is Boris Johnson, who has an IQ of 79, a result considered to be ‘below average.’ To give you an idea of scale, the majority of people score just above or below 100. A person who marks 115 – 130 is considered ‘highly intelligent’, 130 – 145 is marked as ‘superior intelligence’, while anyone who manages a number above 145 is considered to be ‘supremely gifted.’

Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson, who has a ‘below average’ IQ of 79

Among the names who fall into the ‘supremely gifted’ category are Bill Gates (160), Stephen Hawking (163) and – posthumously – Margaret Thatcher (175). Friends star Lisa Kudrow (161) and Cindy Crawford (154) appear to have also been hiding their light under a bush as they both come in with exceptionally high scores. Also up there are Hillary Clinton (140) and Emma Watson (138).

There is one unfortunate addition to this top category: Donald Trump. At 156 he has an IQ higher than presidents Barack Obama (130), George Bush (125) and Bill Clinton (137). Please no-one tell him.

Meanwhile Steve Jobs might have been hailed as a genius by his Apple disciples, but at 86 his IQ was actually pretty low.

Here’s the IQ list in full:

79 Boris Johnson
85 Andy Warhol
86 Steve Jobs
94 Tom Cruise
104 Britney Spears
119 John F. Kennedy
120 Paris Hilton
125 George Bush
130 Barack Obama
131 David Cameron
133 James Franco
135 Arnold Schwarzenegger
137 Bill Clinton
138 Emma Watson
140 Hillary Clinton
141 Madonna
142 Robin Williams
154 Cindy Crawford
155 Carol Vorderman
156 Donald Trump
159 Quentin Tarantino
160 Bill Gates
161 Lisa Kudrow
162 Albert Einstein
163 Stephen Hawking
165 Charles Darwin
170 Judith Polgar
175 Margaret Thatcher
178 Rowan Atkinson
180 Charles Dickens
190 Isaac Newton

There is one big consolation for Boris Johnson, who despite a few political calamities this year, is clearly no slouch in the academic department.

An IQ test is not in fact a hard and fast measure of a person’s whole intelligence, but simply a measure of their ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills. Tellingly the test doesn’t measure general knowledge – something Johnson appears to have a lot of – but just how the brain can apply that knowledge.

Vinita Mehta, a professional psychologist and journalist from New York, says ‘IQ tests are still a matter of controversy and debate in the field. While studies show that it is a predictor of “success” later in life, like income and educational level, there are many who challenge the idea that it actually measures intelligence.  Many say the test oversimplifies the idea of intelligence. Studies have  found that IQ may be a better indicator of motivation (those who want to do well on tests will try harder), and that socioeconomic and cultural factors have a significant influence on test results.

‘Also’ Mehta adds, ‘it should be noted that no matter what your score is, intelligence is not “fixed” at birth, but is influenced by various factors, including family stability and educational resources. In other words, a score on an IQ test does not define how intelligent a person actually is.’

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