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  • Ryan Reynolds on his role in the refreshingly different rom-com Definitely, Maybe

    Scarlett Johansson’s beau, Ryan Reynolds; is the star of the latest rom-com with a difference, Definitely, Maybe, about a 30-something dad in the midst of a divorce, who begins to question his life before marriage – with surprising consequences.

    You describe the movie as ‘a romantic who dunnit’. Tell us more.

    Reading the script was confusing because it wasn’t instantly obvious the film was a romantic comedy. The story is a complete mystery from the beginning right through to the last page and that was infinitely exciting to me – a romantic comedy that’s a mystery, a whodunit. I kind of thought if Jimmie Stewart were alive today he might want to play it.

    Is he someone you aspire to?

    He’s certainly someone I admire. He’s the prototype for the Tom Hanks of the world, a pretty classic guy.

    You’ve actually been likened to a rising Tom Hanks. How does that make you feel?

    Tom Hanks has had one of the most historically brilliant careers any actor could ask for. It might have been my mother who said that – I wouldn’t take it on good authority!

    Abigail Breslin [Little Miss Sunshine] plays your daughter in the film, did you two hit it off?

    Absolutely. We hung out together in New York before filming began and got to know each other. Her feet are firmly on the ground, despite the fame. Abigail’s a kid who wants to be a kid and that’s highly unusual in this industry.

    Much of the film is set in the early Nineties leading up to Clinton’s election and your character is a naïve democrat campaigner. Did it take you back?

    Oh my god, yeah, everything – the Nineties were such a funny decade for fashion, music and the socio-political scene – you name it.

    So who are you backing ahead of this election?

    Obama, I find him refreshing and he feels like the most human of all the candidates. But there’s got to be something wrong with him – he’s running for president!

    Next up you star in Fireflies in The Garden with Julia Roberts playing your mother. That must have been surreal..

    It was, Julia’s phenomenal, she’ll melt your skin off with that smile.

    Definitely, Maybe is released on 8 February.

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