Blake Lively just shared some very cheeky relationship advice

You'll want to see this.

Blake Lively relationship advice
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Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are one of Hollywood's most loved couples. They met on set while filming Green Lantern back in 2011, marrying in a low-key ceremony shortly afterwards.

The iconic duo now have four kids together and a bit of a reputation for playfully teasing one another in public. 

And this week, Lively appears to be taking things one step further, teasing a fan's partner in a now-viral video.

While at a Wrexham FC football game at the weekend supporting her other half (Reynolds co-owns the football team), Lively was asked by a fan to say hi to his girlfriend, Stephanie. 

He said: “Blake, please say hi to Stephanie! It’s my girlfriend.”

The Gossip Girl actress cheekily responded doling out some dating advice, saying: “Hi, Stephanie. You should leave him!" 

Prompting an uproar of laughter from the football fans nearby, the star instantly gasped at her own comment, putting her hand to her mouth. 

Speaking about the moment later on Twitter, the fan shared: "Steph's cried happiness and she’s absolutely over the moon.. Luckily she hasn’t broke up with me! Thanks again @blakelively @stephaniexcxc."

It's thought that the original post of the video has been taken down, but it had around 133.8k views before.

Reynolds bought the football club in November 2020 and, as you'd expect from the couple, there's been plenty of banter about the decision ever since.

Reynolds openly admitted that Lively wasn't best pleased when he bought the Welsh football club with fellow actor Rob McElhenney.

Plus, back in January, Lively shared lighthearted clips to her Instagram stories as Wrexham FC played Sheffield United. She shared: "I bought ESPN+ today. Just to watch my husband experience crippling anxiety live. Worth it."

It's not all jokes in the Lively-Reynolds household, though: when Reynolds won an Icon Award at the People's Choice Awards back in December 2022, he was quick to credit both his wife and children. "Thank you, Blake and my three daughters. It's going to be a fourth child very soon. Blake and my girls, you are quite literally my heart, hope and happiness."

"I joke that my family exhausts me, but you give me more strength than any man can possibly deserve."


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