A 3,000 piece Harry Potter puzzle exists and of course we need it

harry potter puzzle

Potterheads have been kept very busy with the number of magical experiences on offer during the lockdown. Not only was a new Harry Potter project launched, but the British Library is sharing their Harry Potter exhibition online and Harry Potter virtual quizzes are taking over social media.

J.K. Rowling even gave her followers a glimpse of her epic library, and, naturally, it is incredible.

But if you're still hungry for more wizarding world action and have already re-read the books and binged all the films, there is another option.

While the 40,000 piece Disney puzzle is sure to keep you busy, if you're looking for something that won't take up your entire living room floor but is still a bit of a challenge, a 3,000 piece Harry Potter puzzle also exists.

The jigsaw is a picture of the most famous school in the magical realm, Hogwarts. When completed, it is a sight to behold - and it'll probably make you want to read the books again.

harry potter puzzle

Credit: Earth Entertainment

It's as if you're standing and looking out at the beautiful castle, and while you might be waiting for your acceptance letter (still) it's almost as good as actually being there.

The description reads: 'As you gaze across the Black Lake, you see the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry rising in all its splendour. Now it's your turn to take a trip to the magical grounds of Hogwarts in this 3,000-piece puzzle.'

The masterpiece comes in a beautiful white box which includes quotes from the book and is suitable for all ages.

While it isn't available until June 2020, it is currently possible to pre-order from Entertainment Earth for $29.99 - and the good news is that they ship internationally.

Excellent news indeed.

So if you fancy creating this thing of beauty, you know what to do.

Jadie Troy-Pryde
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