J.K. Rowling has given Harry Potter fans a glimpse of her library and it is epic

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Thankfully, there have been many Harry Potter themed activities for wizarding world fans in lockdown, from the British Library Harry Potter exhibition online to a virtual ride through Hogwarts castle.

On top of that, J.K. Rowling recently announced that she is launching a brand new Harry Potter project to keep us all entertained. It will feature fun articles, quizzes and puzzles so we're totally sold.

And now, the author has shared a glimpse of her library with her Twitter followers.

After a bout of illness, suspected to be the coronavirus, Rowling has been self-isolating and while many people are spending their time binge watching Too Hot To Handle (because let's face it, it's amazing), she has colour coded every single one of her books in a very Marie Kondo-esque move and posted the results on social media.

She wrote: 'Rearranging books is a very soothing lockdown activity.'

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Needless to say, it looks absolutely incredible. Not only does she have hundreds upon hundreds of beautiful books, including Homer's The Iliad which can be spotted at the beginning, but there's a comfy looking sofa too - making it the perfect set up for self-isolation reading.

Some Harry Potter fans responded with photos and videos of their own book rearranging, and others asked if she had any of her own books nestled on the shelves.

Can you spot any of the titles in the short clip?

She replied: 'To the people asking: yes, of course I've got Harry Potter books! These aren't my only bookshelves, they're simply the ones I decided to arrange by colour during tea breaks.'

So in real life, Rowling has even more books and we're imagining a very Beauty and the Beast-esque library.

Jealous? Same.

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