11 outdoor gyms in London to visit now you can: get a sweat on outside

Group fitness is back with a bang.

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Group fitness is back with a bang.

Gyms, hair salons, pubs and restaurants are officially open for business. Yet, sadly, gym classes are not - that is, if they're indoors. So, we've got a workaround for you: a round up of the best outdoor gyms in London, and the studios offering workout classes where you can get a sweat on in the fresh air.

Sure, lockdown restrictions may be easing, but indoor workout classes are one of the many activities still on hold until May 17th. But don't let that let your dampen your workout motivation - instead, read our round up all the best options. From strength training sessions, to yoga flows, to sweaty cardio classes, there's a whole load you can book now. Spin in a car park? So London.

If you need to kit yourself out pre-workout, we've got you covered with our health editor's pick of the best workout leggings and running trainers currently available to buy. You are so welcome.

Do note, as above, you'll have to wait a while to book your favourite workout class indoors - under the government's roadmap, group exercise indoors will only be allowed from mid May. But there are plenty of other options. Gyms reopening just not of interest to you right now? Check out our round up of the 100+ best free home workouts, the best lidos currently open, and our favourite Joe Wicks YouTube workouts, too.

For now, you're in luck - we've rounded up the best outdoor gyms in London currently open and ready to welcome you.

11 best outdoor gyms in London to book now

1. SoulCycle Outdoors x Selfridges

Where? Oxford Circus

What? A 45-minute spin class outdoors with headphones and some serious SoulCycle energy.

When? From 12th April daily - check the website for more details

How much? £16 per class. soul-cycle.com

Outdoor gyms in London: A group of gym goers at SoulCycle outside

2. Flex in the Park

Where? Battersea Park

What? A power yoga flow in the park with Chattie Dobson, founder of FLEX Chelsea. Ooh, and it's free.

When? Every Saturday at 10am.

How much? As above, £0. flexchelsea.com

Outdoor gyms in London: Flex in the park

3. The Foundry Strong

Where? Vauxhall

What? An strength session featuring logs, sandbags, tyres, battle ropes and more - all outside.

When? Daily - check the website for more info.

How much? £20 per session. foundryfit.com

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4. BXR Parks

Where? Marylebone

What? A whole host of different classes, each 45 minutes long. Choose from boxing, to cardio conditioning, to core, to Pilates. The best bit? Yep, you guessed it - they're all outside.

When? Daily

How much? £20 per class, bxrlondon.com

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5. Buggyfit

Where? Various locations across the UK. In London, you can head to classes in Regent's Park.

What? Mums, this one is for you. Buggyfit is an hour long session designed for mums and babies, and allows a low impact workout perfect for after giving birth.

When? Daily - check the website for more info.

How much? £10 per class. buggyfit.co.uk

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6. David Lloyd outdoor fitness

Where? Various David Lloyd

What? Yoga, HIIT, spin and more in their many gym locations. They also have outdoor swimming pools and personal training on offer. Not bad.

When? Daily. Check out their website for more information.

How much? If you have a David Lloyd membership, you can book any of their outdoor classes. Memberships range from £50 to £150, dependant on location. davidlloyd.co.uk

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7. F45 Track

Where? Various F45 locations across London and the UK.

What? F45 stands for functional 45 minutes, and that's what you get with an F45 session. The workouts combine functional training with HIIT and resistance work. In short, they're guaranteed to make you sweat.

When? From 29th March daily.

How much? From £17 per class. f45training.co.uk

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8. Breathe Fitness Bootcamps

Where? Canada Water

What? Bootcamp sessions run by personal trainer Anthony Mayatt. Expect burpees, banded workouts and the buzz of group fitness. Oh, and it's on the roof of a Decathlon store, so you can stop up on fit kit, while you're there.

When? Every Tuesday evening from 6.15 to 7pm.

How much? £10 per session, more info at facebook.com/breathefitness

Best outdoor gyms in London: Canada Water

9. StrongHer

Where? Bethnal Green.

What? Strength classes run by women, for women. StrongHer is London's first female only strength training studio and for the next month, they're taking things outside. Head for weight training workouts, fierce HIIT sessions, mobility and meditation, too.

When? Various times throughout the day from Monday to Saturday.

How much? 7 days of unlimited classes for £25 intro offer. strongher.co.uk

Outdoor gyms in London: StrongHer

10. Third Space

Where? Canary Wharf and Tower Bridge.

What? Yoga, spin and a yard WOD.

When? Daily - check the website for more info.

How much? £20 per class. thirdspace.london

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Where? Chiswick House and Gardens and Ravenscourt Park

What? Lockdown deprived many new mums of baby groups and mum- meet ups, so the LDN MUMS FITNESS outdoor group training sessions might be a great way to make some new friends. Lead by Sarah Campus, a PT who specialises in pregnancy and post- partum fitness, sessions vary from week to week but expect 45 minutes of HIIT, core work, resistance band exercises, cardiovascular training and yoga, all tailored to post partum bodies. Babies welcome - suitable for all levels.

When? Tuesday 10:00 - 10: 45 @ Chiswick House and Gardens / Wednesdays 10:30 - 11:15 @ Ravenscourt Park

How much? £12 per session - do make sure to book ahead. ldnmumsfitness.com

Best outdoor gyms: A mothers fitness class

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