Hydragun just launched a flash sale – get an extra £25 off massage guns this Cyber Monday

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    After the best massage gun Cyber Monday deals? You’re in the right place.

    Lucky for you, I’m a health editor and have to test the likes of collagen supplements, rowing machines and – yep, you guessed it – muscle guns for a living, so I know which ones are worth your £££.

    The nifty at-home massage machines promise to ease DOMs and rid of the pesky back pain you’ve noticed since WFH and have some seriously great discounts on offer at current.

    Health and fitness Cyber Monday quick links:

    Hydragun vs Theragun: Cyber Monday deals

    The Hydragun

    Theragun Elite Percussive Therapy Massage Gun
    Save 26%, was £375.00, now £279.00
    Save £96 and enjoy a two-hour battery life and quiet run sound. One perk of the Theragun? You can connect to their app via Bluetooth to run personalised wellness routines. Neat.

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    Theragun Prime
    Save 18%, was £275.00, now £229.00
    According to their website, Theragun devices are “scientifically calibrated” to both reach your muscles and stimulate heat and blood flow.

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    Therabody Mini 4th Generation Percussive Therapy Massager
    Save 20%, was £175, now £140
    This mini Therabody massage gun offers three speeds and has a 150-minute battery life. Plus, it comes with a soft case, making it perfect for weekends away.

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    Therabody PRO Percussive Therapy Massager
    Save 33%, was £549, now £369 
    This is top of the range and one of the most powerful massage guns you can buy. Enjoy a continuous battery life, rotating arm, and a two-year warranty, too. In short – it’s worth the £££.

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    Other massage guns currently on offer: 

    Can’t stretch to the above? The following have high reviews on Amazon and sit at a lower price point.

    RENPHO Massage Gun
    Save 33%, was £119.99, now £79.99
    Amazon’s #1 best-selling massage gun, this RENPHO device works all over – think your feet, back, arms, legs etc – and promises to ease muscle stiffness and pain.

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    ALDOM Massage Gun Deep Tissue
    Save 40%, was £99.99, Now £59.98
    Super quiet yet powerful, this ALDOM massage gun is a mid-range price point. It also promises to help relieve muscle aches, soreness, and stiffness, plus accelerate your warm-up process, too.

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    Pulseroll Massage Gun Palm-Sized Percussion Muscle Massager
    Save 28%, was £129.99, now £93.75
    It’s pocket-sized and promises to pack a punch when it comes to targeting trigger points or small muscle groups. Do note this is much smaller than your regular massage gun, but reviews maintain that it’s powerful and effective.

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    HOPOSO Massage Gun Deep Tissue
    Save 22%, was £89.99, now £69.99
    This massage gun is Amazon’s choice for “best massage gun” for a reason. It has over 6000 reviews with an average of 4.7 stars. We reckon the 30-speed settings may be to thank for that…

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    HoMedics Massage Gun for Deep Tissue Muscle Physio Therapy
    Save 42%, was £129.99, now £74.99
    Fun fact: HoMedics – the company that designs these massage guns -was originally founded in 1987 and has been designing innovative massage therapy machines ever since. Release muscle stiffness, aching, and soreness and speed up recovery from the comfort of your sofa.

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    EKUPUZ Deep Tissue Massage Gun
    Save 30%, was £59.98, now £41.99
    Enjoy thirty speeds, six massage heads and percussion therapy which promises a massage depth of up to 16mm of soft tissue. Oh, and did we mention it’s ultra-quiet, too? Not bad.

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    Muscle Massage Gun Deep Tissue Massager Gun
    Save 34%, was £79.99, now £52.49
    Accelerating both warm-up and recovery, this massage gun is a great mid-range option. Plus, it comes complete with a case ideal for both storage and transportation.

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    Are massage guns worth the investment?

    If you run, weight train or workout regularly, yes, a massage gun is a great investment and an easy way to level up your home recovery. Not sure whether to go for a Hydragun or a Theragun? I have a Hydragun and here’s why I think you should buy it. It’s super quiet – you barely notice it’s on. It’s got a much longer-lasting battery life – for context, I use mine weekly and have charged it twice in the year I’ve had it – plus comes with a handful of different heads to target your different body parts. Plus, it’s seriously effective at easing aching, stiff muscle pain.

    While it may be called a massage gun, it’s not quite the same as a massage – instead, it’s a hand-held device that pounds, wiggles, and jiggles you with a round, hard ball. In professional terms, it’s called percussive therapy and works by whacking your muscles at a fast tempo to increase blood flow, reduce inflammation and decrease soreness. Nice.

    While regular massages may not be affordable for most at £60 a go, investing the same amount in a massage gun seems like a sure deal.

    These tools are used by pro athletes and are a much more cost-effective way of targeting problem areas without having to routinely see a masseuse. And unlike other massaging tools like foam rollers, massage guns can precisely target specific problem areas, which makes the benefits of these tech tools very much worth it.

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