What to wear to Glastonbury: Your guide to an Alexa Chung-inspired festival wardrobe

The anti-trend was to do festival dressing.

Alexa Chung wears wellington boots and a blue mini dress at Glastonbury
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Every year, when June rolls around lucky ticket holders begin to ask themselves the same question: What do I wear to Glastonbury? 

The festival, which began in the early 1970s, has gained international recognition for its headline acts and celebrity attendees, yet the concept of dressing for the event can still come as a struggle for some. 

While historically some festivals have been synonymous with statement-making, over-the-top attire—Coachella, we're looking at you—it seems the tide is starting to turn, with attendees now opting for more understated looks. Gone are the days of wear-once, trend-led festival purchases that will end ultimately end up in landfill, now attendees are opting for wardrobe staples that they will wear again and again. 

At Coachella, in particular, this year, we saw celebrities forgo the usually flashy looks in favour of outfits that epitomised "quiet luxury." In fact, both Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber opted for causal outfits comprised of jeans and tank tops. 

We're willing to bet Glastonbury follows suit this year, with guests choosing tried and tested summer essentials. 

Alexa Chung wears wellington boots and a blue mini dress at Glastonbury

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As far as stylish attendees are concerned, there are few celebs who offer as much Glastonbury outfit inspiration as Alexa Chung. The It-girl has made a habit of attending the festival in effortless outfit formulas that just beg to be recreated. 

From casual looks which incorporate button-down shirts and jeans, to outfits comprised of mini dresses and knee-high boots, every year Chung's looks ooze festival cool. 

Given Glastonbury is in the UK, of course, there will always be weather conditions to consider, so from a practical point of view, it is always best to pack a waterproof jacket and some Wellington boots. UK-based brand, Barbour, not only comes Alexa Chung approved, but also specialises in creating weather-proof jackets that will keep you dry should the heavens decide to open. Meanwhile, a pair of gumboots are your best bet for weatherproof footwear. 

Without further ado, keep scrolling for some timeless ideas on how to create an effortless, understated Glastonbury wardrobe. 

What to wear to Glastonbury:

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