The tricks to landing Glastonbury tickets - and who is rumoured to be headlining

Tickets go on sale very soon

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Glastonbury festival is one of the biggest music festivals in the world, and getting a ticket to the event at Worthy Farm is no easy feat. If you've ever tried to get your hands on a pass for the five day extravaganza, you'll know that it can be a rather stressful ordeal - from registering, to gathering your pals to group-buy tickets, to attempting to get through the online queues from remote areas to stand a chance (more on that later). 

Glastonbury's pull is unavoidable. Whatever your age, musical tastes or required level of festival comfort, there really is something for everyone at the annual gathering in Somerset. Registration for Glastonbury 2024 opened earlier this year, and the first batch of tickets were set to be released on Thursday 2nd November. However, organisers have pushed back the release date by two weeks - so you'll be able to get your hands on the first batch of tickets on Thursday 16th November 2023 now instead. 

The decision was made 'to ensure that everyone who would like to buy a ticket is registered and therefore eligible to purchase one' according to organisers, who added: "It has come to light that some individuals hoping to buy tickets for 2024 have discovered after Monday’s registration deadline that they are no longer registered, despite believing they were."

The updated release date is 'out of fairness to those individuals' - so you've got an extra two weeks to prepare for the big day, and if you didn't register before the cut off date in October you have a chance to do it now. 

Glastonbury 2024 will take place from 26th to 30th June 2024. From how to get hold of tickets to the rumoured headliners, we have everything you need to know. 

When is Glastonbury 2024? 

Glastonbury festival

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Glastonbury festival 2024 will take place at the site in Worthy Farm, Somerset, from Wednesday 26th - Sunday 30th June next year. Some festival-goers like to arrive a day or so earlier than the original kick off to set up camp and prepare for the days ahead. 

When do Glastonbury tickets go on sale?

Initially, the first release date was set for Thursday 2nd November 2023. However, it has now been pushed back to 6pm GMT on Thursday 16th November 2023 for those who wish to purchase a ticket with coach travel. 

But if you're simply looking for general admission tickets, they will be available from 9am GMT on Sunday 19th November 2023.

Where can I buy Glastonbury tickets?

You'll have to visit the official Glastonbury site here to get your hands on tickets for the 2024 festival. If you haven't yet registered, the postponed release date means that you now have another chance. The window for registration will reopen at 12 noon GMT on Monday 6th November and will remain open until 5pm GMT on Monday 13th November. 

Given that the rules changed this year, many regular attendees assumed that their previous registration would be carried over. However, all prospective Glastonbury goers are expected to re-register - and therefore organisers are hoping that by extending the window it gives everyone a fair chance.

How many tickets can you buy at one time? 

In short, you can buy six tickets with a deposit of £75 per person.

If you're buying tickets for multiple people, you will need everyone's registration numbers and postcodes in advance for a seamless checkout and to secure all six tickets. Many people create Glasto 'bubbles' of six people, but be warned - if people are in multiple 'bubbles' with different groups of friends, it could invalidate your purchase if one of the registration numbers has already been successfully awarded a ticket. So proceed with caution...

How much are Glastonbury tickets? 

The price of Glastonbury tickets now stands at £355 per ticket, plus a £5 booking fee. You can pay a £75 deposit per person on the day of ticket purchase, and pay off the remaining balance in April 2024. 

Over the last few years, ticket prices have consistently increased. Glastonbury 2020 tickets cost £265, meaning that the price tag has seen a £90 jump. 

Who is headlining Glastonbury 2024?

Glastonbury festival

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There are a number of rumours swirling around the Glastonbury 2024 headliners - and they're as varied as you might expect. Every year, the official list of performers is released around March or April - meaning that attendees will only know who they'll be able to see a couple of months ahead of the festival. 

As for the Glasto 2024 performers, organiser Emily Eavis appeared on the Sidetracked podcast and told Annie Mac and Nick Grimshaw that the 'legend' slot on Sunday was confirmed to be a female artist. She said: "The 2024 lineup is still a little up in the air… And I thought it was kind of taking shape, and then last week I just got a call - and this is what happens if you wait a little longer - because quite often we'll be booked up from July. This year we're holding out for a little bit longer and last week I got a call from a really big American artist saying this person's around next year, and I was like, 'Oh my God, this is incredible, thank God we held the slot.'"

So, who could it be? Many are guessing that Taylor Swift could make an appearance given that she has been rumoured to be part of the roster for a good few years now, but fans have pointed out that the dates clash with her Eras Tour gigs in Dublin. Other names in the ring are Dua Lipa, Madonna and Beyonce, plus Bruce Springsteen and Coldplay could be a possibility.

As soon as we have a definitive list, we'll let you know. 

Hacks to secure Glastonbury tickets

Of course, nothing is guaranteed, but there are a tips to maximise your chances when it comes to securing Glastonbury tickets. 


It's vital that you register before the tickets go on sale. The window has been re-opened, so if you haven't registered yet you have another chance from 12 noon GMT on Monday 6th November until 5pm GMT on Monday 13th November.

Registration is super simple. All you need to do is upload your details, along with a recent photograph of yourself, in this form here when the window opens next week.

2. Spreadsheet and shared notes

If you're a spreadsheet fan, this will likely be your designated job. Once you and your friends have had your registration confirmed, it's a good idea to rally your pals and set up an Excel doc or shared iPhone note where you can all add your details - registration code, names, addresses and postcodes - to make securing the tickets as easy as possible. When it comes to sale day, you can all separately attempt to get your six tickets and the first one through will have all the necessary information. The timeframe between getting through to the purchase page and checking out is very narrow - so you need to be quick.

3. To coach or not to coach?

While it is paramount you have all the registration numbers for the group you are booking with or for, it is also essential to know whether you are booking a general admission ticket or a ticket with coach travel. This is a must, because tickets go on sale on different days. 

4. Get that money, honey

The full balance for tickets isn't needed until April, but you do need to pay a deposit per person. This year, that is £75 per attendee, and if you're booking tickets with coach travel it will incur an extra fee. 

You'll be given a date for the final payment in due course, but it is usually in the first week of April. 

5. Multiple devices

Seasoned Glastonbury goers often use multiple devices to try and get their hands on tickets. If you've got access to a phone, iPad, laptop, desktop - you can try using all and any of them. And if you live with others, there's no harm in asking if they can chip in, too. 

There is speculation that those attempting to get through the queue from more sparsely populated areas are more successful - so if you want to test that theory too, best give your friends across the country a call...

6. Set an alarm

It goes without saying you need to be on time for the sale to open. In the past, tickets have sold out in 30 minutes - so it's worth being set up and ready when the time comes. 

7. Ditch Wi-Fi

This may sound like an odd tip, but on Glasto superfan previously told NME that he has been successful in securing tickets every year since 2014 due to the fact that he hasn't relied on WiFi. Max Brookes said that he uses his 4G network instead, saying that it ensures quicker connection. 

Others have claimed that trying a different VPN is a popular tactic as the traffic from the UK is so intense. 

8. Re-sale

If you miss out on the first round of ticket sales, there is usually a re-sale in March. While it is unknown if this will be the case for Glastonbury 2024, it has been an option in previous years - so don't lose hope.

For more information check Glastonbury's official website

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