Taylor Swift had one major concern when she started dating Travis Kelce

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's relationship concern
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Since Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce went public with their relationship in September, the couple has firmly cemented themselves as one of the biggest celebrity romances in recent pop culture history. Whether he's joining her on stage during her epic Eras Tour show in London or they're enjoying lowkey double dates with Gigi Hadid and Bradley Cooper, Taylor and Travis have combined their enormous fandoms within the music and sports industries, and are reportedly on track to become the richest celebrity power couple in entertainment - with an eye-watering 'brand worth of $4 billion' (per The Sun).

However, their course to true love hasn't just been made up of cute dates at Sydney Zoo and hanging out with the British royal family. Early in their relationship, Travis' brother Jason admitted there were 'some alarms' when the pair started dating. At the time, he said that he had concerns over Travis' safety given the ramped up interest in his life, and dubbed the frenzy over their fledgling romance 'a lot'. Travis himself told a reporter that dating Taylor - one of the most famous women on the planet - was a 'wild experience'.

And it seems that Taylor may have shared the sentiment, and also worried that the intense attention would 'scare' Travis away. In a new report from Us Weekly, a source claimed that Taylor feared how the global interest in their relationship would impact the NFL star. The insider told the publication: "His life has changed significantly with the increased public attention. Taylor was worried that bringing Travis into her world would scare him away, but he embraced it and handled it so well."

Travis has previously spoken about accepting the 'challenge' of navigating a very public relationship, and the source alleged that this attitude 'made her fall in love with him even more'. Another insider added: "Travis was a star before Taylor, but this has catapulted him to a household name. He has been handling it the best he can. He’s always had good people around him."

Over the last year, the couple has never shied away from publicly supporting one another. Taylor has been spotted cheering her boyfriend on at his football games, while clips of Travis dancing, singing and smiling from the crowd during Eras Tour gigs have gone viral.

These two.

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